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Metal Church Buildings – The Trend Continues to Grow!

An article in Religious Product News recently pointed towards a trend of churches that are now discovering and benefitting from metal buildings. The growing trend of using 100x100 steel buildings for large congregations has been noted in many parts of the United States where churches are being built on open...

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Advantages of A Covered Arena Versus Fully Enclosed

Covered Riding Arena Vs. Fully Enclosed - Which is better? The choice between a covered arena versus one that’s fully enclosed can be a difficult one. Many people reading this article may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to decide. One important factor worth considering is the...

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Steel Aircraft Hangar: Advantages of Buying Over Renting

Would You Prefer To Rent or Buy an Aircraft Hangar? We Suggest You Buy, Here's Why... As an aircraft owner, you are probably always in search of ways to protect your valuable asset, and you’ve probably already run into steel aircraft hangers too. Most experts highly recommend that aircraft owners...

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Prefabricated Indoor Arenas for Horses – Why They’re Better Than Traditional Wood?

The riding arena is one of the most essential parts of an equestrian facility. It is where the horses are trained and raised for the most part. So, they (the horses) spend a good deal of time in the arena working with you. That’s why it makes sense that the...

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Steel Barn Buildings Vs. Wooden Pole Barns – Which is better?

What is the best option, wooden pole barns or a steel framed barn? Wooden pole barns have been used for centuries in the farming industry. They are regarded as being the minimum standard for a barn but is it really the best option? Are there any other better options out...

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