Looking For Reliable Steel Building Kits?

Titan offers reliable and affordable steel building kits for residential, commercial and industrial use. We pride ourselves on our customer service, our quality design and craftsmanship as well as our design to build process. If you’re looking for a reliable long lasting metal building you’re in the right place at the right time. Let us bring your dream to reality.

Aircraft Hangars

Considering how costly it can be to investment in an airplane, we understand that you want to ensure that your steel building aircraft hangar is of the highest quality. We understand

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Church Buildings

Large and small metal church buildings can last a very long time and save a congregation money in the long haul. Metal church buildings can last generations within your congregation. Made from prefabricated steel, a church building can last long enough to

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Agricultural Buildings

Titan Steel prefabricated farm equipment storage buildings are one of the best solutions for agricultural storage. All of Titan Steel agricultural buildings can be fully customized to

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Automotive Shops

Go from dream to reality with a Titan steel auto shop. Starting a business is never an easy task. In fact in many regards it can be one of the most difficult things that an individual ever undertakes. Yet there is something amazing

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Commercial Buildings

Our pre-engineered large metal buildings utilize only the highest quality steel materials. Also considering that many of our industrial steel buildings are essentially maintenance free removes any

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Residential Buildings

Titan Steel prepares and provides pre-engineered steel residential buildings for homeowners who are looking for expansions or additions at a fraction of the cost of the traditional methods. Not only do the steel framed residential homes

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Riding Arenas

Without a doubt the main attraction when you go to the steel riding arenas they’ll generally be the horses that are performing. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that your steel arena can’t steal some of the glory. In fact when looking into indoor riding arena designs,

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RV/Motorhome Storage

Our steel motorhome storage buildings utilize only the highest quality steel materials. Also considering that many of our steel building kits are essentially maintenance free removes any costly upkeep that could come from basic construction models. This allows you to

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When it comes to building a steel workshop building for your home or business, traditional wooden frame buildings are just not a suitable choice. They are vulnerable to the elements and deteriorate over time, causing damage to your valuable assets. Today, steel structures, like our steel workshops have taken

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