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The prefabricated 40×100 Metal Building size happens to be one of the most versatile for businesses and homeowners looking for a large storage unit. It is often the size of choice for individuals and businesses that want to accommodate various functions within segregated structures. The metal building can be customized to various needs by adding several bays or having an entirely open covered space for large vehicles. The building can also be customized to house an office, shop, workshop, barn etc. 

If needed, a specified eave height allows for the addition of large objects inside. Furthermore, the Titan Steel structures can also accommodate living quarters of varying sizes. We can manufacture those living quarters custom-designed to meet your needs. However, you can also choose from several building sizes. However, we can also arrange for something sooner once we know what you need. You can get an instant quote by filling out our brief online form below. 

The 40×100 Metal Building Are Amongst Our Best Selling Prefabricated Structures

Over the years, we’ve found that the 40×100 Metal Building is amongst the most popular prefabricated metal structures in our inventory. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it can be utilized for personal and commercial use. The custom eave height, when added, can accommodate vehicles like campers and RVs easily. It can also be used as a safe storage space for all manner of items. The clear span design gives you more room for something like a workshop or garage. However, the structure can be customized with doors and windows. 

40×100 Metal Building Can Be Customized For Use As Living Quarters 

The 40×100 Metal Building is one of the best options for use on a farm. The structure can easily serve to raise horses, chickens and as a barn for other farm animals. Today, many farms can easily span several hundred acres, and having a farmhand is essential. That’s where a 40×100 Metal Building can be customized to serve as living quarters for everyone on the farm. The steel structure can easily be insulated, making it a comfortable residence regardless of the season. 
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The 40×100 Metal Building Can Adapt to All Situations 

Now, if you want some extra storage space, the 40×100 Metal Building kit may serve you the best. It can be added to any home or business so as long as you can accommodate the structure. That’s why whether you need a quick and cheap space to store your car collection, motorcycle or gardening equipment, this is the perfect size structure. 

Living in 40×100 Metal Buildings 

We are aware that not all residential communities will allow for the installation of a 40×100 Metal Building. However, if you have enough space on your property, adding it may give you more usable space. It can easily be used as a residence with insulation and air conditioning. If anything, the ability to quickly set up the building and, at a fraction of construction costs, make it highly attractive for people who need more living space. 
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