Popular Sizes & Dimensions – 50 x 50 Metal Building

When seeking a sturdy, cost-effective, and high-quality structure for commercial or residential use, metal buildings should be your first choice. Titan Steel Structures is a leading provider of high-quality 50×50 metal building kits in the United States and Canada. Durable, lightweight, and long-lasting, our American-made buildings ensure reliable construction solutions tailored to your specific needs.

A 50 x 50 metal building is the perfect size for a variety of needs including residential. From vehicle and equipment storage to building a home or workshop, this is one of our most popular building sizes.

50 x 50 metal building design for residential and agricultural purposes

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50×50 Metal Buildings are Adaptable and Versatile

Titan Steel Structures’ 50×50 buildings accommodate a diverse range of uses. Ideal for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes, this size caters to various needs.

Pre-cut and measured, our 50×50 steel building kits don’t require professional assistance to install. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and a small group of highly motivated people can easily complete the task.

All of our pre-engineered metal buildings are manufactured to meet the local building codes in your area.

50x50 metal building kit specs

How Much Do 50×50 Metal Buildings Cost?

Our metal building costs are affordable for any budget. Prices vary depending on specifications.

Our simple bolt-together erection process helps to reduce construction costs, as it is far less expensive than traditional wood building construction. Included with the purchase of your building, Titan Steel will provide you with a structural engineer to help guide you through the design process.

At Titan Steel Structures the possibilities are endless! Start designing with our 3D Building Designer or click the link below to get a free quote from one of our experts and learn more about our buildings!

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Popular Uses of a 50 x 50 Metal Building

50x50 metal building kit with yellow door

A 50 x 50 metal building offers versatility for various purposes. Its size makes it ideal for a large garage, workshop, or storage shed. The sturdy steel construction is also well-suited for a carport, RV cover, or boat shelter. Additionally, these buildings are commonly used for commercial purposes such as retail stores, office spaces, or warehouses. Some of the most popular applications include:

50x50 Metal Homes

Our 50 x 50 metal building homes are ideal for residential use due to their durability and affordability. With enough space for a 2,500 sq. ft. structure on larger lots, they can accommodate various needs, whether for personal storage or starting a small business. These buildings can be insulated and equipped with air conditioning. They require minimal maintenance and can be easily bolted together for quick assembly. Moreover, adding a steel structure can enhance your property’s value.

Garages and Workshops

50 x 50 metal buildings are the perfect size for a large garage or workshop. The steel construction can withstand heavy use and the large space can accommodate multiple vehicles or equipment.

Storage Sheds

50 x 50 metal buildings make great storage sheds. They are ideal for storing lawn equipment, tools, and other belongings.

Animal Shelters or Cattle Pens

50 x 50 metal buildings can also be used as animal shelters. The steel construction is durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for housing animals. The large space can accommodate multiple animals and give them plenty of space to move around.

Carports and Vehicle Storage

To protect your vehicles from the elements, a 50 x 50 metal building can be used as a carport or vehicle storage unit. Steel construction is ideal for protecting vehicles from the sun, rain, snow, and hail. The large space can also accommodate multiple vehicles.

Warehouses and Storage Sheds

No matter what you are looking to store, a 50×50 metal building can be used as a warehouse. The steel construction is excellent for storing household items, business inventory, farming equipment, and more. The large space can accommodate a variety of items.

Commercial Buildings

A 50×50 steel building has many practical applications when it comes to commercial buildings. The steel construction provides businesses with a large space for storage, manufacturing, or office space. Overall, the large space can accommodate and be customized to a variety of needs.


Traditional greenhouses can get expensive and are complicated to build. However, a 50 x 50 steel building can house plants wither year-round, regardless of the climate. Steel construction can be modified with windows and insulation to create the optimal, climate-controlled environment for plants.

Auto Repair Shops

50 x 50 steel buildings are perfect for auto repair shops. The large space can accommodate several vehicles, work bays, and repair equipment at once. Steel construction is durable and can withstand the heavy usage demands of auto shops.

Retail Stores

50 x 50 metal buildings are ideal for small businesses, offering versatility and practicality. Common uses for these commercial buildings include retail stores, doctors’ offices, auto shops, restaurants, and storage for company vehicles, among others.

The Benefits of a 50×50 Metal Building

50 x 50 metal buildings are a versatile and affordable option for a variety of applications. Prefab metal buildings have many benefits when compared to buildings made of different materials. The unique benefits of a 50×50 metal building include:

Superior Design

Compared to other building materials, steel boasts superior design capabilities. Steel ceiling joists are able to span greater distances, allowing engineers to expand options. Larger spaces can be easily constructed using steel products compared to wood or concrete.

While the most common shape for a steel building is a square or rectangle, the steel frame can be designed into any shape. This flexibility allows for creativity in the design process leading to unique buildings that stand out.

50 x 50 metal buildings can also be customized with windows, doors, and insulation to suit your specific needs. Steel framing is also very strong and can support a variety of roofing options.


50×50 metal buildings cost much less than other types of buildings. The light weight of steel means that it is easier to transport, and since more of it can be transported at once, fuel costs are able to be kept low, leading to lower prices than heavier materials.

Not only that, but steel framing is very easy to construct, which saves on labor costs. Its durability also means that it will last for years to come and require less maintenance, further saving you money.


50×50 metal buildings are extremely durable while remaining lighter than building components made of wood or concrete. In fact, weight-bearing steel fabrication is around 30% to 50% lighter than concrete. Metal buildings are also resistant to fire, pests, and rot, making them ideal for a wide range of uses.

Steel is able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and high wind speeds. This is especially important for 50×50 metal buildings that will be used as storage units or garages, as the contents inside need to be protected from the elements.

Fire and Moisture Resistant

Steel buildings are much more resistant to fire than their wooden counterparts. Wood is a natural combustible material, but steel is non-combustible. In the event of a fire, a 50×50 metal building will be much more likely to remain standing and intact than a wooden one.

In addition to fire, metal buildings are also more resistant to moisture. This is important in areas that see humid conditions or above-average rainfall. Wood warps and rots when exposed to moisture, but steel will not be as affected. This means that 50×50 steel buildings will have a much longer lifespan than their wooden counterparts.

Pest Resistant

Another benefit of 50 x 50 metal buildings is that they are more resistant to pests. Insects, such as termites, can wreak havoc on wooden structures. They can tunnel through the wood, weakening it and making it more susceptible to collapse. Steel buildings are not as appealing to pests because they don’t contain cellulose (a termite’s food source which is found in wood), so they are less likely to try and make their home in one. This helps to keep 50×50 steel buildings in better condition for longer.

Personalizing Your 50 x 50 Metal Building

man installing a roof on a 50x50 steel building

50×50 metal buildings can be customized to better suit your needs. You can choose the color of the metal, the type of windows and doors, and even the type of insulation, allowing you to create a space that is truly your own. Because our steel buildings are clear span, it allows you to freely design the structure to meet all your specific needs.

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