Steel Aircraft Hangar: Advantages of Buying Over Renting

Would You Prefer To Rent or Buy an Aircraft Hangar? We Suggest You Buy, Here’s Why…

As an aircraft owner, you are probably always in search of ways to protect your valuable asset, and you’ve probably already run into steel aircraft hangers too. Most experts highly recommend that aircraft owners buy the best quality airplane hanger for sale they can find. The reason being that they are secure, sturdy and easy to maintain. Not to mention the fact that they are not easily damaged by sun, ice, rain and strong winds. Almost every aircraft hanger for sale or rent in the US is made from steel and for obvious reasons. All aircraft hangars sold at Titan Steel are engineered to be termite, mold, water and mildew resistant. So, they are far less susceptible to wear and tear. Plus, they can withstand other types of ravages that Mother Nature throws at them such as an earthquake or even a forest fire. 


large commercial airplane hangar for sale
Searching for an Airplane Hangar for Sale?


Now that you know of the many advantages of prefabricated aircraft hangars the next question is should buy rent or buy one?

Ever Heard of Aircraft Hangar Homes?

Many people may not have heard of the term hangar homes, but it is considered one of the leading reasons to buy a steel aircraft hanger instead of renting one. Hangar homes as the term suggest is a hanger that’s converted into a home. That’s right it is a space where you and your family can reside in addition to your aircraft, making it a win-win situation.

Hangar homes are large enough to accommodate multiple people, planes, cars and loads of other stuff. They tend to be a no-compromise solution for your residential and aircraft storage needs. However, since rental hangars don’t offer you this option, buying one will make the most sense. After all, if you have space why rent a hangar?

Buying is Cheaper in the Long Run

Prefab aircraft hangars aren’t as expensive as some people may assume and they last for decades. These hangars are virtually maintenance free, perhaps all you need is to keep the hangar clean! So, buying one makes the most sense since you save money on paying monthly or annual rent. Plus since it lasts for decades if you’re not storing your aircraft in it for an extended period, perhaps rent it out to another aircraft and make some money in the process too.


Aircraft Hangar

Easy to Transport

One of the best features of all prefab aircraft hangars is that they are easy to put up. Setting up an aircraft hanger is quick and simple but so is disassembling it. That means that it can easily be relocated to someplace else when the time comes. When you’ve purchased a steel aircraft hanger, you don’t have to worry about if the location, you’re going to has a hangar already, just take your own!

Airplane Hangar for Sale – Always Buy the Best

At Titan Steel, we sell a large selection of premium quality prefab aircraft hangars. Regardless of the size or type of aircraft, you’ll find a design and size that’s right for it. Plus, there always the ability to customize the hangar to your specific needs so that you make the most out of it.

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