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5 Reasons to Choose a Steel Building for a Church or Religious Structure

Religion is deeply important to many people across the world. Because large numbers of people have spiritual and religious beliefs, they must have places to congregate and share their beliefs, customs, and ideas. While it is common to use wooden buildings to build churches or other religious structures, this type...

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Religious Steel Structures

We have seen churches taking on a unique appearance for many years. The appearance we term as being unique has a lot to do with the construction materials which were used at the time. Hundreds of years ago grand cathedrals were built using thousands of baked bricks while on the...

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Why are Prefab Church Buildings So Popular?

The Popularity of Prefab Church Buildings is On The Rise! Have you been considering a prefabricated church building? If you have, then there are a couple of things you should consider. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the demand for prefab church buildings skyrocket, but why? How does...

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Metal Church Buildings – The Trend Continues to Grow!

An article in Religious Product News recently pointed towards a trend of churches that are now discovering and benefitting from metal buildings. The growing trend of using 100x100 steel buildings for large congregations has been noted in many parts of the United States where churches are being built on open...

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Why A Pre-Engineered Steel Building is Perfect for Commercial Building Applications?

Many Prefer Prefab Over Brick & Mortar for Commercial Buildings Well, there are many reasons why most people tend to prefer prefab metal buildings over traditional ones. One apparent reason is that prefabricated buildings are cheaper and they are quicker to build. However, apart from that, they are also more...

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