Personal Uses for a 30×50 Metal Building

Even though a 30×50 metal building might not sound like a lot of space, this space is often used for backyard storage buildings for over-stuffed homes. When the space permits, individuals sometimes build a 30×50 steel building kit to use as a combination workshop and garage. Other individuals have several vehicles to store, such as the following:

  • Lawn tractors
  • Classic cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Jet skis
  • Boats
  • RVs

Some individuals choose to split a 30×50 metal building into sections, using the parts for storage, parts for cars or boats, or even parts as a private office away from the distractions and noise of a busy family. At Titan Steel Structures, our 30×50 metal building home kits have enough versatility to serve whatever purpose you want. Besides personal uses, the 30×50 steel building kits provide for commercial usage also.

Commercial Uses for a 30×50 Metal Building

Tiny “cornerstones” might find a 30×50 steel building kit to be a fitting structure. For example, donut shops and bakeries work well in these small-scale structures. Furthermore, numerous “mom and pop” operations run from a smaller structure successfully.

Generally, this occurs with a client office in the back and the manufacturing operation in the back. For example, a thriving t-shirt business with a pleasing decorated front office for clients and a preoccupied screen-printing workshop in the back. This type of operation would be the following:

  • Specialty advertising businesses
  • Mail package services
  • Party planning services
  • Pharmacies
  • Dry cleaners
  • Print shops

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Pre-Engineered 30×50 Metal Building Prices Vary

30x50 metal buildingMany prospective metal building buyers inquire about the 30×50 steel building cost. However, what many who’re interested in 30×50 steel buildings don’t understand is that prices vary on things like eve height and internal/external customizations. The good news is that Titan Steel Structures always has these buildings in stock and being made at the manufacturing facility.

Titan Steel Structures offers the opportunity to make your dream prefabricated building to any specification you’d like. The most popular reasons for 30×50 metal buildings are car storage, general storage, small automotive shop needs, and several others, just to name a few.

Mixed-Use 30×50 Metal Building for Automotive Repair Garage

One of the immensely popular uses for a 30×50 building is home or farm-based automotive repair garages. A 30×50 metal building has more than enough room to fit 2-3 cars and a mechanics area to work on your investment car or for-profit-based repairs. Believe us or not, a 1500 sq. ft. steel building is more than accommodating for anyone needing storage, whether it be for farm equipment or the everyday motor vehicle.

Titan Steel Structures can provide custom-built floor plans for your specific needs. Our 30’x50’ steel buildings can store cars, tractors, lawn maintenance equipment, tree service equipment, and much more. Our metal building kits can also be designed to give you extra space for additional uses. We’ve had several car collectors request man cave space and other small additions to make their buildings more convenient for them.

Several Retail Businesses Request 30’x50’ Metal Buildings

prefabricated 30x50 metal buildings kitsMany who’re looking for affordable building options within the retail space can’t believe that a 1500-square-foot metal building is enough for their retail operation. Believe us when we tell you that they’re pleasantly surprised in many cases. Many retail establishments are of similar square footage, they paid more for brick and mortar style buildings instead of prefab metal building kits.

A retail establishment has more than enough space with a 30×50 steel building kit. Especially restaurants, chain stores, bakeries, and other retail businesses can fit employees and customers comfortably in this dimensioned building. Several commercial companies seeking prefab commercial-style buildings prefer steel buildings.

After all, they’re non-combustible because they’re made of steel, and fires are harder to catch. Sometimes insurance companies offer breaks for those who use prefabricated steel buildings due to a lower fire potential rating. However, don’t quote us on this. Ask your insurance company first as many other facets come into play with their consideration. This may include interior and exterior wall siding choices and other elements for design purposes for your 30×50 metal building.

30×50 Metal Buildings for Agricultural Purposes

Many hay storage and general-purpose barns use 30×50 steel buildings. Many agricultural property owners use these steel buildings for machinery and tool storage, which guarantees their long-term safety from the elements. Titan steel offers several different eve-height options for our 1,500 sq ft metal building kits.

Our 30x50x14 metal building and 30x50x16 metal building are popular heights for our agricultural community. Our American-made steel framed and designed buildings offer safer conditions than the traditional wooden barns that were very popular many years ago. The great fact is that metal building kits last longer than traditional wood-framed barn buildings. They’re safer for livestock, hay storage, and crop storage, and many agricultural coops use prefabricated steel buildings too!

What Is a Prefabricated Steel Structure?

Prefabricated steel buildings are fabricated of pre-engineered steel. Typically, the fabrication is performed in a controlled environment inside the factory. Then it is sent to the client’s location for assembly.

When prefab is compared to traditional construction, it involves the contractor designing the building. Build, and design is the terminology used in this industry. Since it is predominantly suited for commercial and industrial needs, prefabricated construction is economical and fast.

Because the components are built specifically in factory conditions, the construction is not deterred by weather conditions. This is unlike the traditional mode of construction. The modular structure ensures it can be disassembled and recycled at another location.

Aesthetics and Strength

Overall, the prefabricated steel buildings have aesthetic appeal and structural strength too. The system and design offer the flexibility of expansion as and when one needs and enables swift construction. There are beams and columns, which form the primary structure.

In turn, it’s supported by a secondary structure that consists of purlins that are C or Z shaped. The steel sheets are cut, then welded together to form these particular sections. In the factory, manufacturing happens in a production line with automated machinery.

Overall, this process accounts for increased efficiency and minimal error. It’s the most cost-effective cladding for these buildings that are light and channeled steel sheeting for both walling and roofing. Also, the other option for roof and wall cladding is sandwich panels. The raw materials used are pre-painted with a durable finish and corrosion-free, which lasts for years.

Advantages of a Metal Building

30x50 metal building Kits

The advantages of a metal building have various benefits that include the following: Mold and termites can be costly to repair later down the road. On average, Americans spend $5 billion annually on repairing termite damage and termite control. When it comes to metal, you don’t have to worry about termites. Since they are considered resistant and there isn’t a need to treat them with chemicals daily to protect your building.

Removing strong-willed is an overpriced building repair. Steel framing doesn’t warp, rot, twist, creep, or split like wood framing does over the years.A steel building doesn’t have a maximum size, and it can accommodate anything from a warehouse, office, manufacturing plant, or retail space. It can be simply recycled. This makes it ideal for storage structures. A cold-formed steel building is considered any building that is constructed with cold-formed steel. Furthermore, the CEE sections are screwed or bolted together to form columns, rafters, and clear span frames. No welding.One of the biggest advantages is the cost of a metal building. The effort and time required to compile blueprints and assemble the building play a huge determination in cost. A metal building resists high winds, termites, heavy rains, lightning, fire, and even snowfall because they are non-combustible. They can even withstand earthquakes and tornadoes. Steel buildings allow for better insulation than traditional buildings. The enhanced energy efficiency can significantly reduce cooling and heating bills. The steel buildings can be enclosed with spray insulation that is energy efficient. The insulation can also seal up spaces or leaks, heating to a minimum, keeping the need for cooling. Since steel structures are considered durable and can withstand natural disasters, the majority of insurance companies will offer discounts for buildings frames that have commercial grade steel.

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