Steel Barn Buildings Vs. Wooden Pole Barns – Which is better?

What is the best option, wooden pole barns or a steel framed barn?

Wooden pole barns have been used for centuries in the farming industry. They are regarded as being the minimum standard for a barn but is it really the best option? Are there any other better options out there? We get asked this very question many times, and we always tell those who ask that there are many better more durable options. Plus, in this article, we are assuming that you’re already aware of the advantages of hiring a contractor to build your metal or wooden pole barn so we’ll skip over it. Why are wooden pole barns used?

Wooden pole barns as the name suggests are made using thick wooden poles which are stuck deep into the ground and serve as columns for the structure. They are also layered on the roof. Also, the walls of these barns are made from wood or tin. The latter is then nailed or screwed into the wooden poles. The biggest advantage and why it is so widely used is because the initial cost associated with them is lower and offers excellent insulation for the price. But they are drawbacks as you might imagine.

prices on wooden pole barnsAbandoned Wooden Pole Barns are Everywhere

When you are comparing steel building vs. pole barn, the most important thing to note is that wooden poles will degrade over time. The poles that serve as columns will decay causing structural instability. They may also become infested by termites which can make short work of the entire structure. Not to mention the fact that in some places there may be issues with existing building codes as they aren’t permanent structures. If you want insurance for a wooden pole barn, then expect to pay more since they are easily destroyed in a myriad of ways.

Metal Building Kits for Barns

The primary reason to go for metal building kits for your barn is that they are highly sturdy. Steel barns with their frames and columns firmly put in concrete are highly durable and will last longer. They also tend to be highly weather resistant to all types of weather and even fast-changing weather. Plus these barns are immune to other disasters like fire which can quickly destroy wooden pole barns. Also, metal does not require as much maintenance.

Costs Associated Steel Vs. Wood

Finally, we come to costs, and it isn’t just the cost of constructing the barn but also the cost associated with owning it. Wooden pole barns may be cheaper, but steel barns last longer and end up being 60% cheaper. Plus it is easier and less expensive to get insurance for steel barns than it is for wooden barns.

When you set up a steel frame bran you’re looking for a few decades of service life. So, you don’t have to worry about building another one a decade later the way you have to with wooden pole barns. The only thing that might go in favor of steel building vs. pole barn is that wood is organic and hence does not have any adverse effects on animals. Though steel barns made from quality materials with proper insulation is also safe for animals.

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