Prefabricated Indoor Arenas for Horses – Why They’re Better Than Traditional Wood?

The riding arena is one of the most essential parts of an equestrian facility. It is where the horses are trained and raised for the most part. So, they (the horses) spend a good deal of time in the arena working with you. That’s why it makes sense that the area you build provides the ideal combination of value, security, and comfort for everyone.

One of your goals with any indoor riding area design would be the ability to maintain a constant climate all year round, while at the same time ensuring that it is energy efficient. That’s where prefabricated metal riding arenas rank amongst your best options. These prefabricated arenas are fire and weather resistant. Plus they are protected against fungus, pests, rotting, and molding. In addition to all of this, there are many other reasons why you would choose metal over traditional wood arenas as we’ll examine below. 

Much More Durable and Cost-Effective Metal indoor arenas for horses Compared to Wood

When deciding between our prefabricated metal arenas and wood, you should consider durability and cost. Metal arenas are a lot more durable compared to their wooden counterparts. Plus they happen to be cheaper to build for the most part. Not to mention the fact that timber barns come with their own unique set of maintenance issues. Wood is susceptible to lots of damage brought on by heat, age, cold, snow, rain, etc. so, over time it can be quite expensive to maintain.


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Titan Steel’s prefabricated riding arenas eliminate all the inherent issues with wood. Plus, these buildings can be made so that they exactly fit your needs. So, regardless of where the arena needs to be built the structure can be designed and erected to suit your needs the best.

Metal is Safer and More Durable Than Wood

Regardless of the riding arena size, you will always want to ensure the safety of everyone within the structure. If you wish to add another sheltered riding space for commercial use or perhaps a private space, a prefabricated steel structure is your best bet.

Most people love steel structures because in addition to being durable, looking good and attractive they are easier to maintain. Steel and metal, in general, are a lot more durable than wood, so it lasts longer with very little maintenance.

At Titan Steel, we make sure that all our prefabricated steel structures exceed industry standards. So, regardless of what size riding arenas you need, buy in confidence knowing that the space is configured to meet your needs in every possible way.

Environmentally Friendly

Our metal prefabricated indoor riding arena designs are environmentally friendly and expandable. You have access to nearly unlimited customization and design options, not to mention a pretty extensive warranty. Plus, you’ll save up to 40% on insurance and building costs which puts them ahead of wood in every meaningful way.


Traditionally indoor arenas for horses were made from wood. However, advancements in prefabricated metal building methods mean that wood should no longer be considered. Regardless of if you want safety, budget-friendliness, ease of installation or maintenance for your riding arenas, our prefabricated metal arenas is your best choice. 

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