Steel Buildings for Vehicle Storage

Prefabricated steel vehicle storage buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous advantages over traditional construction methods. These versatile structures offer a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking to protect their vehicles from the elements and potential theft or damage.

As a leader in the steel building industry, Titan Steel Structures provides the highest-quality vehicle storage buildings. Not only are our buildings available at competitive rates, but they can also be customized according to your preferences.

Our clear span steel buildings are great for building a shop with living quarters

Reliable Vehicle Storage in a Steel Building

Our prefabricated steel building kits provide a far more durable and reliable storage solution for personal vehicles, work vehicles, and classic cars than traditional garages and carports. A few key reasons why our customers trust our vehicle storage buildings include:

Structural Integrity and Durability

Vehicle owners can achieve peace of mind knowing that their prized possessions are stored securely within a steel building.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are distinguished for their extraordinary durability. Manufactured using high-quality steel, our vehicle storage buildings feature robust, long-lasting framework. They can withstand severe weather, pest damage, corrosion, and rot, ensuring the integrity of your building and the safety of your cars for years to come.

Security and Guaranteed Protection

An important task for vehicle and classic car owners is to preserve their safety and security. Thankfully, steel buildings offer enhanced protection against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. These buildings can be equipped with security systems and access control mechanisms, ensuring the only people who get inside are the ones who are supposed to.

Steel buildings can protect your cars from other threats, such as fire, pests, and weather hazards, too.

Affordability and Lifespan

Pre-engineered steel buildings have a fast and affordable construction process, lowering the price of your storage unit. They are also incredibly low maintenance, resulting in minimal repair costs. Vehicle owners can spend less time and money maintaining their storage building and more time tending to their cars.

Not only are steel buildings affordable and durable, but they also have a long lifespan that outlasts traditional building materials. Rather than having to search for a new storage solution once your building wears out, a steel storage building can last your lifetime.

prefab metal building interior

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Steel Storage Buildings for Classic Cars

One of the most popular ways our vehicle storage buildings are used is for classic car storage.

Classic cars are not a necessary investment–they are a luxury reserved for car enthusiasts who are passionate about maintaining and showcasing their collections. However, your standard home’s garage doesn’t have the necessary features to keep your classic car collection in pristine condition. As a result, many classic car collectors rely on pre-engineered steel buildings.

When it comes to classic car storage, a small to medium-sized steel building is an excellent solution. Steel buildings can come customized with temperature control, custom flooring, roll-up garage doors, and ventilation systems that make your classic car storage space totally functional. Steel buildings also feature a clear-span design, giving you the ability to arrange your classic cars however you desire. And, if your classic car collection grows, your building kit can easily be expanded.

With our steel building kits for classic car storage, you can rest assured that your storage space will be well-equipped with everything you need to keep your cars and their craftsmanship secure.

classic car storage

Special Features of Steel Buildings for Vehicle Storage

Special features that make pre-engineered steel buildings so uniquely suited for vehicle storage include:

  • Clear span design – Our steel vehicle storage buildings come with an open layout, free from interior support columns, allowing you to customize the space according to your preferences.
  • Expansion opportunities – Since steel buildings are versatile, you can easily expand your mini storage building as your vehicle storage needs grow.
  • Time-saving – Pre-engineered steel buildings are manufactured off-site, so the construction process goes by quickly. As a result, you can start storing your vehicles in your mini storage building just days after it arrives.
  • Weather protection – Steel storage buildings provide the ultimate protection for personal vehicles and classic cars because they are crafted with high-quality steel and corrosion-resistant properties. This allows our steel car storage buildings to withstand inclement weather in the form of wind, rain, snow, seismic activity, wildfires, and more.

30x40 metal building kits used for residential garages

Customization Options for Steel Vehicle and Classic Car Storage Buildings

Your vehicle storage building can be customized according to your requirements. You can pick the size of the building, the color of the trim and wall panels, and the eave height. You can even choose to add HVAC systems, ventilation, insulation, windows, extra doors, or a lean-to for convenient outdoor protection. To view all of your customization options in real-time, please visit our 3D Steel Building Designer.

Key points to keep in mind when it comes to customizing your steel building include:

  • Our experienced building experts can recommend any available suggestions that can make your building stronger and more durable, allowing you to keep your cars safe for years to come. We can also answer any questions you may have about the structure and function of your building so you can feel confident in your decisions and design the best structure for you.
  • All customization requests should be made at the time the order is placed.
  • Although customizations may add to the overall cost of your building, they will be well worth your investment. After all, added customizations and features result in reduced maintenance costs, increased energy efficiency, and an increased lifespan of the structure.

Popular Steel Vehicle Storage Building Sizes

100x100 Prefab Buildings

Our 100×100 metal buildings are one of our most versatile and flexible sizes. With our clear span interior, meaning no columns or trusses, Titan Steel Structures buildings allow for a lot of flexibility.

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40x60 Prefab Buildings

Our 40×60 pre-engineered steel buildings are one of our most popular sizes. It’s a perfect size for an auto shop. This size will allow you to have several bays to work on cars in and even room for an office.

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50x100 Prefab Buildings

This is a great size for warehouse space, storage, manufacturing and even doggy day care facilities. Our 5,000 sq. ft buildings are also quickly becoming a favorite size for our grow houses.

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100x200 Prefab Buildings

Our 100×200 metal buildings are one of our most popular building sizes for manufacturing, commercial and agricultural use.

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30x50 Prefab Buildings

Our 30×50 pre-engineered steel buildings allow for 1,500 sq. ft of open inside space to accommodate most residential storage needs.

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50x50 Prefab Buildings

From vehicle and equipment storage to building a home or workshop, our 50×50 steel buildings will suit all your needs.

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