40×40 Metal Buildings for Sale

When you’re on the search for a durable, affordable, and high-quality commercial or residential structure, metal should be the first type of building you consider. Pre-engineered metal buildings can come in all sizes, customized to your specifications, but one of our most popular sizes is 40×40.

Our reliable and eco-friendly 40×40 metal building kits are perfect for a variety of purposes, including manufacturing facilities, metal homes, all-purpose warehouses and workshops, office buildings, agricultural centers, and more. Call today or fill out the form below to speak with one of our building experts for a customized free quote.

40x40 steel buildings for sale

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Features of a Pre-Engineered 40×40 Metal Building

40×40 metal buildings are versatile and practical for many uses because of their customizable design features. For example, the eave height can be adjusted to your needs, providing plenty of space for maneuvering large machinery, storing items vertically, and more. You can also choose your roof pitch, wall and trim colors, and accessories like downspouts, windows, lean-tos, light transmitting panels, ventilation systems, and climate control.

In addition to offering numerous customization options, our 40×40 metal buildings are engineered with the durability needed to withstand Mother Nature’s fiercest elements. Metal is fire and water-resistant, and stands up great against strong wings, tornadoes, hail, and even earthquakes. Your building can be engineered to withstand high windspeeds and local snow capacities.

As one of the leaders in the metal building industry, we provide buildings that match your specific needs. We also engineer all of our 40×40 metal buildings for sale in accordance with state and local building requirements. All of our 40×40 structures come with engineering blueprints signed by an engineer in your state.

Ways You Can Use a 40×40 Metal Building

40×40 metal buildings have a clear-span design and provide 1600 sq ft of useable space. There are many ways this space can be used, including the following.

Agricultural Uses

Square metal buildings work great as barns, hay sheds, and agricultural storage facilities. They can also serve as reliable protection or living quarters for cattle, horses, or chickens. Farmers and ranchers can use a 40×40 metal building to protect themselves, their supplies, or their animals from severe storms, fast-moving wildfires, heavy snow, strong wind, and other threats. Square metal buildings will also make wonderful greenhouses and grow houses.

40x40 metal buildings for sale

Commercial Uses

Prefab 40×40 metal buildings can work well for many commercial uses. Auto repair shops that want to grow or need extra storage can add one of these buildings to their property. A 40×40 building is large enough for three bays that are 2-3 cars deep each, allowing mechanics to work on or store several cars at a time.

Other commercial uses of a 40×40 building include:

  • Office building
  • Commercial storage
  • Animal shelters
  • Veterinary office
  • Municipal building
  • Retail shop
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Restaurants

Residential Use

A 40×40 metal building can make the perfect storage building, workshop, or warehouse. Because of their shape, 40×40 buildings also make great vehicle storage for antique car enthusiasts.

Some people may even want a 40×40 metal building home. A 40×40 metal building home can be insulated and have air conditioning for comfortable living conditions.

Advantages of a 40×40 Metal Building

40×40 metal building kits are quick and easy to install, long-lasting, and low-maintenance, but there are other benefits, as well, including:


The cost of a 40×40 metal building is typically less than other types of buildings. Metal is lightweight so it is easier and cheaper to transport, and more of it can be transported at once, leading to lower delivery costs. Steel framing is also fast and easy to construct, so the quick erection process will save you money on labor costs. Lastly, because of how low maintenance metal buildings are, you’ll save tons of money on maintenance and repair in the long run.


Even though metal is lighter than wood or concrete, it is still extremely durable–sometimes even more so than other building materials. A 40×40 metal building can be engineered to withstand the weather elements that are common in your area.

Fire and Water Resistant

Metal isn’t combustible and it doesn’t absorb water, so it is much more fire and water-resistant than wood. This means your 40×40 metal building will be able to remain intact in the event of a fire or a flood. It also means you won’t have to worry about things like mold, mildew, or rot.

Pest and Termite Resistant

Another reason to inquire about our 40×40 metal buildings for sale is that they are termite and pest-resistant. Because metal is inorganic and doesn’t contain cellulose like wood does, your building won’t be home to termites and other pests. Steel is also harder for larger pests, such as rats and mice, to get into than wood is.

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