Prefabricated Steel Auto Shops

Starting a new auto shop business (or even revamping a new one) is never an easy task. Whether you’re launching a new auto shop or have witnessed your current one grow from a simple two-car garage to something larger that now requires more space, a steel building is the best solution for your car repair and storage needs.

At Titan Steel Structures, we understand the unique demands of the automotive industry, and that’s why we specialize in crafting prefabricated steel auto shop buildings that meet and exceed your expectations. Our steel auto shop buildings are manufactured to withstand the test of time, endure Mother Nature’s elements, and make your business run more smoothly.

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The Advantages of a Prefabricated Steel Auto Shop

At a certain point in every mechanic’s career, whether they are a hobbyist or a licensed professional, they reach a turning point where their driveway or personal garage no longer offers the space they need to carry out their car repair. When this time comes, it’s important to make the most practical and affordable decision for your auto shop, and that decision involves choosing steel.

Pre-engineered steel buildings make excellent auto shops for a number of reasons. First, steel shop buildings are incredibly cost-effective, and they require little to no maintenance, reducing the total upkeep costs. Rather than throwing money down the drain with costly upkeep, you can funnel more money into your growing business.

Aside from the financial aspect, steel buildings are simply a practical choice for auto shops. Key advantages include:

Versatile sizes that can accommodate numerous bays

Steel buildings come in custom sizes. They can be expanded as your business grows, as well. Your steel auto shop can be customized with just one or two bays or more than a dozen–it all depends on the scope of your business and your needs.

Clear-span design for optimal storage and workspace

Prefabricated steel buildings are built using robust steel framework and I-Beam supports, thereby eliminating the need for interior support beams or columns. This provides for a wide-open clear-span design that you can organize to your liking without having your workspace obstructed. This also makes for easy maneuverability of vehicles.

Durable, robust steel framework accommodates the unique needs of auto shops

Automotive work can be rough on a building, but our steel buildings are durable and robust. Not only can they withstand severe weather, but they can also endure the wear and tear required by auto shops. Steel buildings can accommodate multiple vehicles as well as larger pieces of heavy-duty equipment, such as lift installations, floor jacks, wheel balances, and more.

Fully customizable

One of the best qualities of prefab steel buildings is that they are fully customizable. We know that no two auto shops are the same. That’s why we offer complete customization options. You’re in charge of the inside, outside, and more.

In addition to choosing the wall and trim colors and building size, you can also install multiple garage doors for easy bay access, plenty of windows for natural light, climate control to keep your mechanics cool, and extra outlets for electricity and power tools. Whether you need multiple bays, office space, vehicle lifts, or specialized storage areas, we’ll design a building that fits your precise requirements.

Fast construction and installation

Your customers need their cars working so they can get where they need to go–and fast! There is no time to wait for several months of new-build construction. However, with a steel building, the framework is measured and cut off-site. By the time it is delivered, it is ready to be installed.

Erecting a steel building is fast and easy. A highly motivated group of individuals can erect your steel auto shop within a couple of days or weeks–a fraction of the time it would take to build an auto shop with alternative building materials. As a result, you can get your auto shop up and running without unnecessary delays–and get your customers back on the road in no time.

Energy efficiency

We understand that energy costs can be a significant expense for automotive businesses. Between the power required for your tools, keeping the lights on, and regulating the temperature, your electric bill can get pricey. Fortunately, our steel auto shop buildings are designed with energy efficiency in mind, so you can maintain a comfortable work environment while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

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Special Features

  • You don’t need to worry about termites and rot with a steel building. They require little maintenance and can last for decades.
  • Steel is recyclable, so if you wish to take down your steel garage for any reason, you can do it in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Our metal buildings do not require professional assistance to install. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.
  • Our easy-to-assemble metal buildings are economical.
  • With the customization additions of insulation, gutters and downspouts, framed openings, galvanized secondary members, and lean-to structures, you have the chance to create highly elegant metal buildings that can serve your personal or professional needs.

Customizable For Your Specific Requirements

While each individual will have specific needs for their metal automotive buildings, some of the most popular auto shop customizations we recommend are:

  • Insulation in order to prevent air leakage through the roof or wall. We also offer highly reflective external finishes that prevent heat gain, providing optimal thermal performance.
  • Gutters and downspouts can divert rainwater, snow, and other heavy condensation away from metal buildings in order to protect their integrity.
  • Lean-To’s can add to your storage options.
  • Galvanization is used to add a secondary zinc finish to your sturdy steel structure in order to enhance durability and weather resistance.

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In a competitive industry like automotive repair, having the right workspace is essential. Our prefabricated steel auto shop buildings provide the strength, durability, and versatility your business needs to thrive. From a single-bay garage to a large-scale auto shop facility, we have the expertise to make your vision a reality. Contact Titan Steel Structures today for a free quote and let’s get started on building the perfect autoshop for your business.

Steel Auto Shop Building Designs and Dimensions

Auto Repair Shop Dimensions:

While we can customize any size building to fit our customers needs, these are some automotive shop building plans to help understand the size steel building you may need. The minimum bay sizes for automotive lifts are 12’x24′ for two-post lifts with a capacity of 7,000-10,000 lbs. For larger vehicles you may require a four-post lift capable of 10,000-12,000 lbs. In this case your minimum bay size would be 15’x23′-30′.

30x60x14 Steel Building

A 30x60x14 metal building is a great size for a small mechanic garage setup. You will have enough room to have 3 mechanic bays and the ability to fit a two-post lift in each bay. This size steel building kit will also give plenty of height room to accommodate the lift due to our clear span interior. There is even enough space for an office and storage for parts.

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30x100x14 Steel Building

Our 30x100x14 metal building kit is a great size for an auto repair or mechanic shop if you need up to 6 bays but are limited because of a narrow property. You have the capability of putting 6 two-post lifts in each bay of the building as well as plenty of interior height. There is room to put office space as well as plenty of room for parts or tire storage in this size prefab auto shop.

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60x60x14 Steel Building

This is a great size for a growing automotive business. By going 60′ wide it gives you the ability to add bays on both sides of your steel automotive shop. You can fit 3 bays on each side of the building capable of fitting a two-post lift. It is a perfect size if your lot isn’t very long and gives you the ability to maximize space. There is plenty of room to put a small office and have enough space left over for parts storage.

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60x120x14 Steel Building

A 60x120x14 steel auto shop is a great size for a large auto repair business. If you have enough property this is an ideal size due to the many design options. You have enough space to have 6 mechanic bays on each side of the building. You can easily adjust the height and bay spacing on this size building to accommodate a four-post lift to work on more heavy duty vehicles.

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80x100x16 Steel Building

Our 80x100x16 steel building kits are an ideal size for diesel mechanic shops. The minimum bay size to accommodate a four-post lift is 15’x23′. The bays on the 80×100 metal building are 20 ft wide which will give you enough room for 4 mechanic bays on each side of the building. The 16 ft eave height and clear span interior will also give you enough head room to lift the vehicles.

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80x200x16 Steel Building

An 80x200x16 prefab auto shop is a good size for businesses that work on semi’s, buses and even RV’s. You can fit up to 16 bays in the building each one capable of fitting a four-post lift. The 3/12 roof pitch on the 16 ft side wall height will give you plenty of interior height. There is also enough room to have a front office area and storage space to keep excess parts and supplies.

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