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Barndominium vs. Shopdominium, Which One is Right For You?

If you’ve been paying attention to new home trends in recent years, you’ve likely seen many barndominiums and shopdominiums. These trendy types of housing combine comfortable living areas and spacious, functional workspaces for a variety of purposes. But what are the differences between a shopdominium vs. barndominium, and which one...

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Why Are Steel Buildings Popular During Economic Downturns?

Rising inflation prices and skyrocketing housing costs have left many people feeling the need to be conservative with how they spend their money. However, people don’t want to sacrifice quality when it really counts–especially when building a home, commercial, agricultural, or industrial building. No matter how tight the economy gets,...

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4 Trendy Ways Steel Buildings Are Being Used Today

Steel buildings are a practical, durable type of construction that can meet a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential needs. But steel buildings are more than just functional–they’re also trendy. As more and more people look for solutions to add functionality and fun to their properties, steel building trends...

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Why are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings so Popular in Texas?

Texas has lots of expansive land, several thriving commercial hubs including Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin, and is growing rapidly, so residents, business owners, and agricultural farmers alike are constantly looking for the most affordable, reliable, and practical buildings for their various endeavors. A sturdy pre-engineered metal building is...

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What Materials are Best for Building?

Wondering what material is better to build with? Do you want to know what materials will work perfectly to build a distribution center? Whether your distribution center will store a considerable cache or toys or requires extreme measures of organization within its walls, there are a few materials from which...

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