Prefab Metal Dog Kennels

Whether you have a single family dog and are in need of kennel options for personal use, or you are running a dog related business and need a prefab metal dog kennels solution, it is important to know that your kennel was constructed with the utmost care, and with the highest quality products. At Titan Steel Structure this is what we aim to do.

Titan Steel Structures provides the best prefab metal dog kennels!

Our focus is on supplying safe and comfortable structures for man’s best friend. We have found that our prefab dog kennel buildings are the safest and most cost-effective solution for your animal friendly needs. Although in the post wood has often been the chosen for such structures, we believe that the replacement of wood for steel provides a higher level of quality and safety. In part this is because steel does not splinter. And it does not require a tremendous amount of upkeep. All of this serves to provide you with custom dog kennel buildings that deliver an overall safer environment of your animals.

Our commercial dog kennels help with the protection from all conditions including: high winds, lighting, fire, and earthquakes. They also offer protection from the disturbances of termites, mold, mildew and aging. At Titan Steel Structures, all of our buildings are able to be equipped with energy saving climate control, which give the appropriate care and comfort to all kenneled animals. Where you have a single kennel or multiple dog kennels know that with Titan Steel Structures your animals are in good hands.


Safe and Secure Custom Dog Kennel Buildings

When it comes to constructing any new building, safety is always the number one priority. Yes, cost is often times a major factor in an individual’s decision-making process. But at the end of the day you want to know that the building you are constructing will stand against the elements and provide shelter for whatever is stored inside. In no place is this more evident than in the manufacturing and constructing of custom dog kennel buildings.

Any owner of commercial dog kennels or of personal use prefab dog kennels buildings understands that the animals residing inside must be given a safe and secure living environment. Beyond this they know that they are responsible for the well being of these animals and as such they have to provide them with living arrangements that are comfortable and suitable for the happiness of the animals.

When it comes to traditional buildings this is sometimes a difficult task, especially when it comes to multiple dog kennels. The reason being is that wood is prone to react to changes in the environment and it is traditionally difficult to offer cost effective climate control in a wood structure. This however is not the case with prefabricated steel single or multiple dog kennels. They are manufactured and constructed in a way that is conducive, not only to the safety of the animals, but also to their comfort as well. Climate controlling these commercial dog kennels and are incredibly easy when using prefabricated steel building kits. And the best part is that they usually cost around half of what a traditional building does.

High Quality Prefab Commercial Dog Kennels

Our steel structures are the most practical, economical, and the efficient choice when deciding to begin building commercial dog kennels of your choice. We understand that the care and boarding of the animals you attend to is anything but cheap. There is food, medicine and staffing costs, but the actual construction of your kennel does not need to break the bank.

We at Titan Steel are in favor of quick and cost-effective choices when it comes to construction. Not only will your steel structure be delivered in a timely manner, but the low maintenance of its up keep is why our customers decide to go with pre-engineered buildings. Our customers also look at the fact that steel structures are often times much more attractive. And they will last more than 30 years compared to a wood kennel, which will only last for around 10 years.

Helping our customers create and design the perfect structure for all their kennel needs is what Titan Steel Structures seeks to provide. Whether you need a single kennel or multiple dog kennels, we have firsthand knowledge and experience on the importance of keeping our animals safe and secure.

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Our goal at Titan Steel Structures is to give you the easiest building solutions without compromising quality, so if you are in the interested in learning more about the benefits of commercial dog kennels or multiple dog kennels then give us a call today at 1-855-964-4030, or request a free quote online. Titan Steel Structures’ expert and knowledgeable staff are available Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm. We’re here to serve and guide you through the building selection process.

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Popular Steel Building Sizes

Most Popular Building Sizes:

If you’re looking for a specific sized building, then look no further… Titan Steel Structures has several popular dimensions and custom built prefab metal buildings. However, here are a few of our most popular sizes.

100x100 Prefab Buildings

Our 100×100 metal buildings are one of our most versatile and flexible sizes. With our clear span interior, meaning no columns or trusses, Titan Steel Structures buildings allow for a lot of flexibility.

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40x60 Prefab Buildings

Our 40×60 pre-engineered steel buildings are one of our most popular sizes. It’s a perfect size for an auto shop. This size will allow you to have several bays to work on cars in and even room for an office.

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50x100 Prefab Buildings

This is a great size for warehouse space, storage, manufacturing and even doggy day care facilities. Our 5,000 sq. ft buildings are also quickly becoming a favorite size for our grow houses.

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100x200 Prefab Buildings

Our 100×200 metal buildings are one of our most popular building sizes for manufacturing, commercial and agricultural use.

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30x50 Prefab Buildings

Our 30×50 pre-engineered steel buildings allow for 1,500 sq. ft of open inside space to accommodate most residential storage needs.

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50x50 Prefab Buildings

From vehicle and equipment storage to building a home or workshop, our 50×50 steel buildings will suit all your needs.

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