Advantages of A Covered Arena Versus Fully Enclosed

Covered Riding Arena Vs. Fully Enclosed – Which is better?

The choice between a covered arena versus one that’s fully enclosed can be a difficult one. Many people reading this article may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to decide. One important factor worth considering is the climate.

You will want a covered outdoor riding arena in a climate that’s warm which offers a retreat from the sun and heat which can take its toll on both beast and man. On the other hand, an indoor arena is arguably a better choice where the climate is mostly cold. The cold can be just as dangerous for your horses or other animals as the heat, but the best way to shield everyone from the cold is with a well-insulated enclosed arena. That said there are a couple of other things you might want to consider too as we’ll discuss in this article. 

Covered Outdoor Riding Arena Kits are Cheaper

Covered arenas are not as expensive to set up initially as their fully enclosed counterparts. Many facilities may find out that covering a space fulfills their needs adequately and so they can save a few hundred dollars compared to having a fully enclosed arena. Covered arenas serve horse riding instruction services the best as well as sites that house prized ponies and other types of horses. The only thing worth mentioning here and something we’ve touched upon above is that covered arenas aren’t good for places where the temperature drops to subzero.

Steel Riding Arena
125×200 covered arena Florida


Outdoor steel Riding Arena
125x200x16 Outdoor Riding Arena

Covered Riding Arenas are Cheaper to Maintain

Another huge advantage of riding arena covers is that they are easier and cheaper to maintain compared to their fully enclosed counterparts. Almost everything can be repaired, painted, and patched up without having to replace large sections of it. Plus, on the whole, these arenas last quite a bit before the owner sees the need to spend money on repairs.

That said fully enclosed metal arenas do have the advantage of being wind and for the most part weatherproof. Which means if you’re living in a place known for rough weather like storms a fully enclosed arena may be worth considering. 

Riding Arena Covers Are Easy to Setup

Compared to a complete fully enclosed structure setting up a covered area is easier and quicker. You can have an enclosure up and running within a few days at most. That’s one of the reasons why owners of many riding establishments choose a covered arena over a fully enclosed one. 

Easier to Expand

Let’s face it whether you own a riding club or an academy there will come a time when you want to expand your operations. A covered arena allows you to do that very easily. Additional outdoor riding arena kits can be purchased and set up across the property, it’s just that simple!

Choose Quality Over Price

It is very easy to end up with low quality outdoor riding arena kits if you only shop for the cheapest deal. Your goal should be to shop for quality if you want the arena to last you for the next few decades. The few extra dollars you spend are undoubtedly worth it in the long-term.

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