Metal Building Interiors

The interior of our steel buildings can range from basic setups to sophisticated designs that are suitable for any purpose from a living space to a manufacturing center. Exactly what you’ll need depends on what you’re using your building for as well as your personal preferences. With our customizable steel buildings, you’ll have complete control over the interior of your structure.

Whether you’re still in the brainstorming phase or you’re ready to begin building, view the photos below to get an idea of what the inside of your structure can look like.

Interior Floors

Titan Steel does not provide the flooring, these are examples of floors from some of our customers. Our metal buildings offer versatile options for interior flooring, ensuring durability and functionality for your structure. Whether you prefer a smooth concrete surface for heavy-duty use or a customizable flooring solution, our interior floor options can meet your needs. While many people choose bare concrete floors, others opt for stained concrete, vinyl, wood, epoxy, and more. Our flooring options can be designed to withstand the demands of various industries and environments.

Red Iron Interiors

Red iron interiors offer a classic, timeless look that is associated with strength and durability, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Our red iron interior solutions offer exceptional structural integrity, allowing for large clear-span spaces without the need for interior columns or supports.

Gray-Primed/Galvanized Interior

If durability and corrosion resistance are particularly important to you, our gray-primed or galvanized interior finishes are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain their integrity over time. The gray-primed and galvanized interiors offer long-lasting protection and a unique aesthetic appeal.

Interiors with Wood Framing

While many people opt for steel instead of wood because it is more durable and reliable, some still want the look of a wood structure. Fortunately, you can combine the strength of steel with the warmth of wood with our interiors that feature custom wood framing. Our wood-framed interiors are ideal for people who want to create a rustic or traditional aesthetic within their metal building. Just like wood structures, they offer versatility and charm but are far more robust and low-maintenance. Check out some of our customizable wood framing options below!

Interiors with Liner Panels

One of the best ways to achieve a sleek and modern look is with our interiors that have liner panels. Our liner panel interiors offer clean lines and smooth surfaces that can complement any architectural style. View the various ways our liner panels can quickly elevate your metal building’s interior.

Interiors with Fiberglass & Spray Foam Insulation

In any climate, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is essential. Whether you need to stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter, you can ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency with our interiors featuring added fiberglass and spray foam insulation.

Our effective insulation solutions create a comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy costs. It not only keeps the heat out during the summer months but also traps warmth indoors when winter arrives, creating a temperature-controlled atmosphere for you, livestock, crops, employees, and more.

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Sidewall/Endwall Interiors With X-Bracing

If you’re in an industry like agriculture or manufacturing, it’s important to maximize structural stability and use your space wisely. However, it’s equally important to ensure the strength of your structure.

At Titan Steel Structures, our sidewall and endwall interiors can come with X-bracing. Engineered to withstand lateral forces and support heavy loads, our X-bracing solutions provide enhanced structural integrity without compromising on the amount of interior space available. Take a look at some of our sidewall and end wall X-bracing options below!

Ceilings with X Bracing

Another way to guarantee overhead safety and support is with our ceilings that have X-bracing. These ceilings are designed to withstand heavy vertical loads and provide structural reinforcement. Whether you have a manufacturing center or need to accommodate heavy snow loads, our X-bracing ceiling solutions offer peace of mind and time-tested reliability. Learn more about how our ceiling X-bracing options can enhance the safety and functionality of your metal building interior by speaking with a steel building expert today!

Riding Arena Interiors

Steel buildings make excellent riding arenas, and Titan Steel Structures is a leading provider of large, eye-catching equestrian facilities. Engineered to provide optimal performance and safety, our riding arena interiors feature durable surfaces that withstand heavy equine activity while offering superior traction and comfort for both riders and horses. Check out some of our riding arena interiors below!

Finished Interiors

Our pre-engineered steel buildings can come with fully finished interiors. From sleek and modern designs to rustic and traditional finishes, our customizable options allow you to create the perfect interior environment for your needs. View some of the different ways our finished interiors can transform your space into a welcoming and productive environment for residential or commercial use.

More Metal Building Interior Pictures

From industrial warehouses to commercial facilities, browse through more of our metal building interiors.

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