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Cost Analysis of Traditional Brick and Mortar Buildings vs. Prefab Steel Buildings

Should You Choose Brick & Mortar or Prefabricated Steel?... When it comes to choosing the materials to construct a building, most people have cost in the forefront of their mind. Yes they want a building that will be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. They want something that will suit...

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Using a Metal Building as a Grow House

Prefabricated Buildings are the Best Solution for a Marijuana Grow House... Our relationship with marijuana in the United States has changed dramatically in the past five years. Perhaps no other substance, besides alcohol, has experienced such a shift. Similar to what occurred after the end of prohibition, the current climate...

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5 Uses for Metal Buildings You May Not Have Known

Did You Know About The Uses for Steel Buildings? When I initially began working in the prefabricated metal building industry, my understanding of how these buildings could be used was very limited. I believed that a prefab metal building was only used for an airplane hangar, for storage, or for...

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How a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Can Help You Increase Your Income

It is the dream of many people to own their own land. Whether this land is for commercial reasons that are ancillary to their business, or just a personal investment in a piece of property that was going for the right price, many thousands of people every year purchase parcels...

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Titan Steel – Taking the Prefabricated Metal Building Services Sector by Storm

Structures built with prefabricated metal have a lot of obvious benefits to offer, which is why this has become one of the most popular building construction methods around the world. As an innovative pre-engineered steel building company, we have taken great steps to provide ideal services to our clients with...

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