Using a Metal Building as a Grow House

Prefabricated Buildings are the Best Solution for a Marijuana Grow House…

Our relationship with marijuana in the United States has changed dramatically in the past five years. Perhaps no other substance, besides alcohol, has experienced such a shift. Similar to what occurred after the end of prohibition, the current climate regarding marijuana has created tremendous business opportunities for the fledgling enterprise. As the drug, which was once wholly illegal, now enjoys full legality in 8 states. 

Several States Have Legalized Marijuana, but Municipalities Don’t want it on Main Street…

This is where pre-engineered steel buildings are useful…

In Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Maine, and Massachusetts, it is now legal for an individual to recreationally use marijuana. And in 30 states marijuana is legal for medical purposes. This has caused a great influx of marijuana cultivation and grow houses to crop up in these states due to the incredible demand for the drug.

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prefabricated steel buildings used for grow houses

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In November of 2012 Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize marijuana and in the first year that recreational marijuana was legal, Colorado did a reported  $700 million in medical and recreational marijuana sales. During this same year it was reported that 250,000 marijuana plants were cultivated in grow houses throughout the state. However, these numbers have grown exponentially and last year, in 2017, marijuana sales in Colorado hit an outstanding $1.5 billion, with nearly 500 tons of the drug being cultivated. In the United States as a whole, it was estimated that sales last year topped $11 billion.

How Demand for Marijuana Cultivation Grow Houses are Being Met

Before marijuana was legal a grow house essentially constituted an illegal enterprise that needed to be hid from the law. Having a grow house meant that there was a constant threat of arrest or running afoul of other individuals who were engaged in similar activities. As a result these operations were usually set up in existing buildings or hidden far out of public view in remote areas. However, now that marijuana is legal, individuals who want to have a grow house are now turning to pre-engineered steel buildings as a means to easily construct a place for their marijuana cultivation.  

In Colorado there are currently over 3,000 registered marijuana cultivation grow houses for recreational and medical marijuana. Many of these businesses are being set up in a pre-engineered steel building because of how easily these building are constructed. Not to mention that the rapid demand for marijuana throughout the State, which is following a similar trend throughout the country, has created a situation where owners of marijuana cultivation grow houses need to be able to expand their operations quickly.

Steel Building Kits are are the agricultural industry’s “Go To” Choice!

When asked about why they are choosing to use a pre-engineered steel building as a grow house many of the marijuana cultivators throughout the U.S. have said that first and foremost the cost is unbeatable. In terms of square footage and construction, they have found that using a pre-engineered steel building was the only way to go.

Many have also cited the fact that in certain states commercial real estate owners were apprehensive about leasing or selling them a building for marijuana cultivation, due to how new this prospect is. In fact it is still difficult for some marijuana growers and retailers to find banking establishments to deal with, and as such real estate owners were not too keen on allowing marijuana cultivation to occur on their property. However, with new construction through a pre-engineered steel building this issue was taken care of.

One of the most important factors in marijuana cultivation is having a space where the climate can be regulated. Steel buildings allow for strict climate control and they are easily customizable to meet the demands of any grow house. The same cannot be said for many traditional buildings and as such marijuana growers are increasingly looking towards pre-fabricated buildings.

Purchase a Steel Building for Marijuana Cultivation

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