5 Uses for Metal Buildings You May Not Have Known

Did You Know About The Uses for Steel Buildings?

When I initially began working in the prefabricated metal building industry, my understanding of how these buildings could be used was very limited. I believed that a prefab metal building was only used for an airplane hangar, for storage, or for agricultural uses. This is why it was so surprising to learn how versatile these buildings could be. And of some of the creative uses that people had discovered for their metal building kits

5 Unknown Steel Building Uses…

These structures I came to learn were not just drab metal buildings that were easily constructed, but rather they had life to them and a host of different functionalities. With this in mind I began to look at the different imaginative uses for a metal building. What I discovered over time is that these building can be used for any function. And given the fact that they are fully customizable, only your inventiveness limits the possibilities.

With that in mind, lets take a look at 5 uses for metal buildings you may have not known. Hopefully this list will help stoke the fire of your imagination and get you on the path to designing your own metal building in the near future.

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5 Uses for Metal Buildings You May Not Have Known

Given how much technology has changed in regards to building and construction, prefabricated buildings can now resemble any structure and serve any function. They can serve as equestrian riding arenas, storage for your business, or any other use you can think of. They can be homes, stores, green houses, and the list goes on and on.


Seeing as how your home is one of the most important aspect of your life, you may not have though that getting a metal homes kit was the right path for you. The reason for this is probably because you want your home to be original, not cookie cutter. You more then likely think that a metal homes kit would result in a garish building that you couldn’t be proud to live in, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. To give you some examples of metal homes kits that were used creatively, this video shows some beautiful homes. All of these homes were built using a metal homes kit and the ingenuity displayed is incredible. In some case you’d expect these homes to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. But with the use of a metal homes kit, their costs were kept low and the building time was rather quick.

Batting Cages

When I saw batting cage kits constructed using prefabricated materials, my first thought was, “Why didn’t I think of this!” It is a brilliant use of prefabricated building materials and it is perfect for the amateur or professional baseball player. With most batting cages you are exposed to the elements and if it starts to rain you won’t be able to practice that day. However, with batting cage kits you can still practice regardless of the weather outside. If you want your batting cage kits to be fully enclosed and heated, that is possible. If you want your batting cage kit open to the elements that is possible as well. If you are only looking for a batting cage frame kit, that is doable as well. Whatever you desire is possible with a prefab metal structure.


Probably one of the best uses of prefabricated metal buildings I have seen is with church buildings. The reason for this is because many times churches, especially when they are just starting out, are operating on a limited budget. They do not have the funds to purchase one of the many pre-existing church buildings that are available. This is where prefabricated church buildings come into play because they are so affordable and easily constructed, that just about any congregation can afford one. Not to mention that it is so important as a community of worshipers to have a place that you can call home. You can see how easy the construction of pre-engineered church buildings are for yourself here.

Dog Kennels

If you are a breeder of dogs, or you just simply love to have a pack of them in your family, then you know how important housing these animals can be. Since there are not many places in the country where weather permits an outdoor structure for the dogs, indoor dog kennels, are really the safest alternative. You may be thinking I don’t have enough room for indoor dog kennels on my property. But you’d be surprised at much variation there can be with indoor dog kennels. Whether it is for one dog or 30, there most certainly is a custom dog kennel building that can meet your needs.

Retail Shops

In a retail climate where brick and mortar stores have to compete with the Wal-Marts, Targets, and Amazons of the worlds it can be tough to make a name for yourself. I mean how do you set yourself apart and still keep costs at a reasonable level. As difficult as this may seem there have been a number of ingenious designs that have come out pre-fabricated retail buildings. For instance Boxpark in the Shoreditch section of London is an entire shopping mall created out of cargo containers. The look is incredible, and it has a similar feel to pre-fabricated retail buildings. Not to mention that the cost of using pre-fabricated retail buildings is so tremendously cheaper than traditional buildings that they aren’t even necessary comparable.  

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