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How Much Does a 40×60 Steel Building Cost?

A 40x60 steel building can be used for various personal, commercial, and agricultural needs. Steel is one of the most durable materials on the planet, but that also means it can be pricey. However, despite the costs, steel buildings tend to last longer than other building materials, making steel one...

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5 Reasons to Use a Prefab Steel Building for Your Marijuana Grow House

Farmers and ranchers have been taking advantage of the benefits of prefabricated steel buildings for many years. It is common to see barns, equipment storage buildings, and other outbuildings using prefabricated steel for their structures. So why not use prefabricated steel for your marijuana grow house? The marijuana business is...

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Are Steel Frame Warehouses a Good Option?

One of the questions we always get asked is, why do steel frame warehouses perform better than their conventional counterparts? It’s a very important question and something you should answer before choosing a storage solution. Answering the question will help to find the right type of building based on your...

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Benefits of a Red Iron Steel Building

Why should you choose red iron steel buildings over all other building materials? The fact is that there are many benefits of red-iron steel, especially when paired with most people’s budgets. Regardless of what your business’s unique selling point is or what you can afford, as it turns out, this...

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Steel Building Kits for Cold Storage are a Hot Trend!

When you hear cold storage it can mean a building to keep things cold or a building to keep your stuff out of the cold, this article is about the latter of the two. Steel building kits can be transformed into excellent places for cold storage during the winter. Metal...

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