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Steel industrial buildings for manufacturing and storage of building materials

What Materials are Best for Building?

Wondering what material is better to build with?

Do you want to know what materials will work perfectly to build a distribution center? Whether your distribution center will store a considerable cache or toys or requires extreme measures of organization within its walls, there are a few materials from which you can choose to build the best possible building. We’ve tested several alternatives over the years, and finally, the results are in…Steel is the winner!

An Unbiased Look at Building Material Costs…

Steel Keeps Costs Low

In the US, steel happens to be one of the most readily available materials because it’s prime base is made from iron which happens to be the second most abundant mineral on earth. Steel is also easy to repurpose; it is estimated that up to 60% percent of high-quality red-iron I-beams are made from recycled steel, which makes them incredibly strong and affordable. Not to mention the fact that the price of steel is at an all-time low, it is the lowest in 15 years so now is the time to build.

steel building manufacturer

Speed Though Building Construction

Do you need some space to store all those goods ASAP? Then a steel construction may be your only option as it takes the least time to build. Projects can take as little as a few days to complete, which means that you suffer from little to no downtime, and there is no loss of productivity. Plus, you’ll save in the way of labor costs because it only takes a few people to erect a steel structure. 

The Least Labor Intensive to Build

In the construction industry, labor costs are a major factor, and that’s where steel wins again. Not only do you need fewer people to complete the warehouse building, but it’s done within a shorter time too. Plus the building is cheaper since the entire structure is designed and built off-site by the supplier and the labor just installs everything onsite. So, they don’t pose the same risk as regular construction, and there is a significant insurance saving too because of lower liabilities. 

Easy to Modify

The quickly changing marketplace could mean that you need to add an extension to your warehouse ASAP or even a few years down the line. Here too, steel buildings win because they are easier to modify and expand. You don’t need to demolish the entire structure like you would with brick and wood. Plus the changes are more affordable, costing less than 3x times compared to regular building materials. 

Maximize Your Use of the Space

Owing to the fast nature of steel construction projects, they can be completed within inclement weather. So, you have room for various mitigating factors like making up for an oddly shaped piece of land. Not to mention that since most steel buildings don’t require as many pillars, the amount of space that’s usable is much more compared to brick and wood buildings.  


If you are in the market for an affordable, durable and low maintenance warehouse building, then you can’t go wrong with prefabricated steel buildings. We can also help you choose the right size, shape, and type of building, depending on your requirements.

top reasons why prefabricated metal buildings are best

Top Reasons Why Prefabricated Metal Buildings are The Best

It can be hard to make a decision if you know very little about the two or more ideas you are weighing against each other. When it comes to metal buildings, there are many misconceptions and just as many choices though nothing compares to prefabricated metal buildings. 

Below are six reasons why you should choose prefabricated metal buildings.

1.) They Help to Save Time 

Everyone wants to save time and so if you can manufacture a building quickly, then why not? That’s where prefabricated metal buildings ensure that you get the structure up and running in no time. 

Not only are these buildings delivered in the shortest time, but they are also pre-cut, welded, and drilled at the factory, all of which means that you save time during the construction process.

2.) Help to Save Money 

Since metal like steel is inorganic, it is impervious to humidity and changes in the weather. So, you don’t have to spend as much money on things like repairs, money which you save and then pour back into the business. However, you’ll save in other aspects too like almost no maintenance, it is less labor-intensive and hence cheaper to build, cheaper to insure, and you save on energy costs.

3.) Less Hassle to Maintain 

One of the biggest benefits of a prefabricated metal building is that it is maintenance free and so you don’t have to spend time maintaining it a few years down the road. Not to mention the fact that the structure comes with a 25-30 year guarantee, which just goes to show how long you can expect the painted steel panels to continue looking the way they do today. 

Owners also spend less time on mold, setup, repairs, fire, and damaged caused by flooding, which is a win-win situation!

4.) Metal Buildings can Easily be Expanded 

Many people may start out not knowing how much their company or business will grow. That’s why prefabricated buildings are such a good choice because they are easy to expand without the atrocious cost of construction associated with it. All you need is to attach more framing to both sides of the building. So, your building expands with you.

5.) Highly Durable 

Prefabricated metal buildings aren’t just durable, but they can easily withstand something like a fire, animals like rodents and other destructive elements. That is why prefabricated metal buildings offer the best bang for your dollar regardless of how you look at it.

6.) Our Conclusion

Prefabricated buildings are the future in more ways than one. When you choose a prefabricated building, you can be assured that it is cost-effective, durable, and easy to build. You also get a lot more flexibility compared with materials like wood. 

That’s why anyone who wants to build a building that lasts and isn’t much of a hassle to maintain then prefabricated metal buildings are the best choice.

Metal barns are a better option over wood barns for farmers and ranchers

The Past and Present of Barns as We Know It

Barns have been associated with the American way of life ever since the days of Thomas Jefferson. They have continued to be the primary structure for many centuries in farms across the world. However, in the United States, they have continued to represent security, tradition, and a relationship with the land as well as the community. Today unlike in the past agriculture is a multibillion-dollar business which spans all states of America. While barns today serve the same purpose they did many centuries ago, they have fundamentally changed to become more durable and easier to maintain.

To understand how much barns have changed, we examine their past and present in retrospect.

In the Past 

In the old days, barns were added to the land when farmers needed to house livestock, or they wanted to store grain and crops. The materials used to build these structures primarily comprised of wood, i.e., timbers which were sourced from nearby trees which too were available on the farm. Then using mortise and tenon joints, a small team of professional woodworkers would piece the barn together by connecting everything at a 90-degree angle. The construction was simple, but the result was a sturdy and durable structure.

prefabricated steel horse barns and feed storage buildings for agricultural communities

Later on, timber was replaced by “truss framed” also called “plank framed” structured barns. These structures evolved through the 19th century thanks to the extensive proliferation of steam-powered sawmills. Now farmers could easily buy lumber of dimensions which they required. The joints were now connected with bolts or would use machine cut nails. 

Most people, when thinking about these old barns, would often conjure up images of red painted barns. But why were they red? The reason they were red was because it was the cheapest and easily available color around since it was created using ferric oxide. However, the major drawback of this type of barn was the fact that it was flammable, and being stacked with hay almost always meant that they would catch fire the result of which would be a total loss. 

Present Day Barns 

We still see the traditionally built wooden barns in many parts of the world. However, many of the latest barns are also built from steel. There are many reasons why prefabricated steel is the latest most popular choice for building barns. 

For starters, they provide the option to easily expand the barn while the farm continues to grow. They can also withstand mother nature in the form of rain, snow, fire, wind, and earthquakes. 

Prefabricated steel or metal barns are also impervious to pests, termites and other issues. Plus they are more cost effective requiring less time and money to set up as well as maintain compared to wooden structures. 


Whether it is nostalgia or tradition, barns will continue to be associated with the cultural image of America. However, steel barns or agricultural buildings help farmers save millions each year regardless of where they operate in the US. That’s why they are the most popular choice for farm owners across the country.

Metal Religious Structures for new and growing congregations.

Religious Steel Structures

We have seen churches taking on a unique appearance for many years. The appearance we term as being unique has a lot to do with the construction materials which were used at the time. Hundreds of years ago grand cathedrals were built using thousands of baked bricks while on the other hand you also had small wooden churches built with a tall white steeple, it is these images that for many people have solidified the what a religious building should look like.

Religious Buildings are Affordable for The Flock..

Though it is no mystery that the world as we know it is slowly changing. As the population increases, so does the need to find a more practical and sustainable material. So, we need to use something better than just stained glass windows covering often cramped buildings with rows of pews. Today we have more religious organizations choosing practicality when it comes to their place of worship as opposed to tradition and so they are moving away from the classic or traditional look.

steel church building designs in Alabama

Below are a couple of reasons why steel buildings make the most sense for religious organizations: 

  • Using steel, it is possible to create larger buildings, making them ideal for growing congregations. 
  • Steel buildings are more versatile, and so they can be built anywhere. 
  • You get a lot of space with a steel building as there are no pillars obstructing the view or limiting space, which makes churches more comfortable and spacious. 
  • Steel buildings and in particular pre-fabricated buildings are inexpensive compared to brick and wood. 

How Can Steel Buildings Support a Growing Congregation? 

Well, it can in a number of ways for starters for organizations that have limited funding for a new church a steel building is a lot cheaper to build and maintain. So, it can be built without hesitation. Plus the time to completion is much shorter compared to traditional buildings so you can build an even expand faster than your congregation grows. 

Steel buildings are also an excellent way to make an addition to your existing place of worship. They are easy to construct and can be done onsite while the design can be tailored to any type of space. So, they become the perfect add-on for everything from study rooms to youth groups and pantries. The number of options are virtually unlimited to how the building is designed so it can be adjusted to fit your needs regardless of what they may be. 

Another reason to choose steel building is that they provide the ultimate in security, durability, and safety; after all, a church is seen as a place of refuge. Once churches relied on just brick and wood because that was the only viable building material available. However, as the population grew, many religious groups now need something that’s more practical. So, steel is the material of choice as they are cost effective and quick to put up. You can find out more about steel buildings and what options are available by contacting us today.

Aircraft Hangars & The Protection of Your Aircraft – What You Should Know…

Aircraft hangers have over the years been built on commercial as well as residential properties as a way to protect private aircrafts as well as jets owned by businesses. Hangers are available in a multitude of sizes from ones that can house a single small aircraft to ones that can store multiple aircrafts. Aircraft hangers by their very nature and design have to be sturdy, large, and easy to build. Plus they need to be durable enough to withstand bad weather.

Protecting Your Asset is a Must!

Aircraft hangers also need to be dry, and the environment has to be controlled so that things like moisture, extreme cold or heat does not damage the aircraft. Even though aircraft hangers are becoming increasingly popular, they are still a huge investment as they are extremely expensive. However, they are a requirement for anyone who owns an aircraft as it shouldn’t be stored outdoors as that can result in damage which costs thousands of dollars to repair. So, a hangar that adequately protects an aircraft is a worthy investment in every conceivable way.

Pre-Fabricated Aircraft Hangers 

The vast majority of steel aircraft hangers are pre-fabricated or manufactured. All that’s required is to put them together on your property. Plus the size of most hangars can be easily adjusted to the specs of the aircraft. Generally, aircraft hangars will range from 24 feet right up to 225 feet with a clear span. You can also choose from multiple design options which include ones with a large opening and then there are ones with multiple doors which can accommodate more than one plan. Obviously the multi-door option is only available in hangars that can accommodate three or more aircrafts. Some hangars are also designed to fit both planes and helicopters. So, there is something for everyone, so to speak.

large aircraft hangar for sale

Small Prefab Aircraft Hangar

It goes without saying there are several benefits of storing a personal aircraft at home or at the company. The hangars offer a safe, convenient, and durable location to store all types of aircraft. Not to mention the fact that these hangars can withstand the harshest of environments including natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. 

Contact Us 

If you are in the market for an aircraft hangar, then contact us today. Not only do we offer a range of pre-designed and pre-fabricated standard size aircraft hangars but also the option to customize the hangar in terms of design and size to your needs. We use the highest grade steel to ensure that the resulting hangars are durable and last you several decades if not more. All of which makes choosing our aircraft hangars a better choice for your precious aircrafts.

Steel buildings being used in tornado alley for safer options to protect valuables

Why Tornado Alley Chooses Steel Buildings Over Others?

In May of 2013, a tornado hit Marysville, Kansas destroying all but the four metal buildings that property owner Dan had on this property. The tornado left only the metal buildings standing and because of that very reason today almost every building in Marysville also now called Tornado Alley is made from metal. In this article, we discuss why Dan and others decided to replace all their regular buildings, which were destroyed by the tornado with steel buildings.

A Large and Slow Tornado Struck Kansas 

Back in spring 2013 a large tornadic event resulted in high-speed winds and a number of tornadoes across the Great Plans. It was during this storm that an EF2 tornado with winds of up to 135mph ran through Dan’s property. A tornado this size and with the intensity that it has built up from the adjoining storm could run through anything, and it flattened the property except for a few buildings left standing.

Once the storm cleared, it was apparent that just four buildings were left standing. One was his two pole barns, and the other was the Quonset, both of which were destroyed. Though the single steel building on this property survived without a scratch. If anything it worked as proof for Dan that steel buildings, especially ones which are of high quality, are impervious to even the most violent weather.

prefabricated storage buildings for the self storage industry and the agricultural industry

Rebuilding Lost Buildings 

The next logical step for Dan was to unfortunately, build back all the possessions he lost during the storm. He lost so many of his personal belongings when the three buildings collapsed, but the only thing he could do was replace the buildings with new ones. That’s why he decided after losing so much of his stuff that instead of a regular building, he would build a steel one. After all, that way, he wouldn’t have to spend as much money on building materials, and the structure would last through something like what just happened. 

Since the storm, Dan has continued to recommend that friends and family invest in prefabricated steel buildings. His story is proof of the fact that steel buildings aren’t just cheaper to build, but they are weatherproof too. Regardless of the weather, they are durable enough to withstand it, which makes it a win-win situation all around.


If you live in a location known for violent storms and similar events, it would be a good idea to upgrade all buildings to pre-fabricated steel. Doing so will not cost you a lot of money but will save you from a lot of stress and even from financial disaster in the event something like that does happen. Plus, you’ll be paying a lot less in the way of insurance premiums, savings that are always welcome. The best time to upgrade to steel buildings is right now as waiting for disaster to strike will end up costing you a lot more than you may imagine.

Steel frame warehouse buildings are perfect for growing companies looking for extra flex space

Are Steel Frame Warehouses a Good Option?

One of the questions we always get asked is, why do steel frame warehouses perform better than their conventional counterparts? It’s a very important question and something you should answer before choosing a storage solution. Answering the question will help to find the right type of building based on your budget and use. 

Below we touch upon a couple of reasons why steel frame warehouses are a good deal.

Steel Warehouse Buildings are Very Easy to Modify 

The problem with wooden structures is that once they are built, they can’t be changed. You can’t just disassemble a part of it, change its shape, or expand it as you can with steel. Steel, can, on the other hand, be expanded, modified, etc. Not to mention that it is far easier to build the shape and size you want with a steel structure than you can with traditional materials. That’s why making sure that your steel warehouse building fits your needs is much easier with steel mainly because you don’t need support beams its possible to maximize the most space.

steel retail building kit

steel building manufacturer

Quick and Easy Construction 

When compared to building with concrete or wood steel is faster, and the process is cheaper. Even though you suddenly wouldn’t need a warehouse, the fact is that it is quicker to build one when needed. Plus with low-cost maintenance, you will be saving more money, which in turn means more revenue for your business.

the best metal commercial building manufacturers in your local area begins with titan steel structures

A Very Affordable Warehouse Solution 

When you consider the various materials used to build warehouses, i.e. wood, cement, metal, and stone, the choice of the best material is pretty obvious. Now, this is true for the majority of warehouses as the cost per square foot tends to go down as the size of the project increases. With a steel structure, it is much easier and cheaper to expand it when needed. So, according to experts, your initial construction costs are up to 40% percent cheaper in most cases.

Steel Buildings have Low Liabilities 

Durability is one of the biggest strong suites of a steel frame warehouse building as it is impervious to several issues from rot to rodents. So, you don’t have to worry about things like fires, from destroying the building and everything in it. You also don’t have to worry about flooding, when properly installed it is impervious to just about anything you can think of making it the best logical choice. Not to mention that they are extremely safe and secure, so you pay much less for insurance compared to if you had a regular building. 

Steel Buildings are Much More Versatile 

Today’s technology has allowed for the production of the most durable steel parts and buildings. The latest insulated panels ensure temperature controlled warehouses, noise elimination technology, etc. Plus you can expand the working hours of your business without drawing notice from the competition with the right type of building in place. The noise canceling construction can also be used to ensure that your activities aren’t deemed a nuisance by the community.

steel building Aircraft Hangar made of prefabricated steel

The Best Airplane Hangar Designs for All Size Airplanes

Buying your own airplane is a big decision, but you have to plan to store it too. Apart from owning your own space, it is also possible to rent a hangar space. Buying an airplane is an investment and that investment needs to be protected in a secure place. Below are a couple of hangar types from which to choose the best airplane hangar designs. These range from the low-end in terms of cost to the high-end rentals in detail below.

Renting a Hangar space vs. Building One 

The biggest advantage of building your own hangar is the ability to customize it so that it can accommodate the wingspan, tail height, and length. When you own the hangar, it is possible to avoid hangar rash, a term used for minor accidents between two or more planes that share the same hangar. Plus it also means that you don’t have to hunt for a space in the hangar each time you want to park. However, if the pane is just for personal or recreational use, it may not be a big issue, but if it is a corporate plane, then it can be an issue.

Airplane Sizes & Best Airplane Hangar Designs 

Hangars are available in a myriad of sizes and shapes which can make finding the right one tricky. Though the two common ones are the ‘T’ shape which fits the plane snugly and then there is the rectangular shape which allows for a bit more room in the hangar after the plane is parked. 

Both designs are very good so as long as they cater to your specific needs. For instance, a ‘T’ shape design may best be suited for a hobbyist while a corporate plane is best paired in a rectangular hangar because then there is more room to maneuver. 

Below we look at the most common corporate, personal, and commercial airplane models and the cost associated with them.

best airplane hangar designs and cost for aircraft of all sizes

prefabricated steel aircraft hangar plans and storage options on a budget

The cost of Renting a Hangar 

The cost will depend on many factors, including location, size, and how much room you’re renting. A basic hangar with water and power on average will range from $50 to $300 a month. While this is fine for a hobbyist, it may not work well for a corporate plane. That’s why the rental for a corporate hangar ranges from between $1500 to $3000 a month. It’s expensive because these hangars are generally nicer, have heating facilities and electricity. 

The Right Hangar Doors 

Sliding Doors: These doors open by sliding to the side. They are limited to the width of the building. The problem with these doors is that they are difficult to open, especially for hangars in snowy areas since snow and ice can make the doors impossible to open. 

Bifold Airplane Hangar Doors: Bifold airplane doors fold horizontally from the middle and while open it does stick out slightly from the hangar’s structure. Generally, these doors are best suited to taller, hangar buildings. The doors can easily be opened electronically or with a cable. 

Hydraulic Hangar Doors: The hydraulic door opens as a single unit similar to a garage door and can take up ceiling space. If you decide on this type of door, there should be plenty of room in the hangar to account for space when opened. 

We Can Help You 

Regardless of where you are in the building process, we can help you find the best airplane hangar designs for your airplane.

steel church building designs in Alabama

Why are Prefab Church Buildings So Popular?

The Popularity of Prefab Church Buildings is On The Rise!

Have you been considering a prefabricated church building? If you have, then there are a couple of things you should consider. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the demand for prefab church buildings skyrocket, but why? How does the building save you money? 

In this article, we will reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know about prefabricated church buildings and more!

What is the Meaning of Prefabricated?

The definition of prefabricated is that the building’s parts have been made in the factory, and then delivered as a kit which can then be assembled. This method of construction saves time and money since all the parts fit together nicely.

small metal church buildings for smaller congregations

What are Prefab Church Buildings?

These are often church buildings which are less expensive to build and one can be put together by a couple of professionals. If anything, they are a budget-friendly solution which allows the congregation to easily expand by upgrading the structure or getting a larger customized one in the beginning. Prefab church buildings are easily customizable and can be built onto an already existing church building.

Prefab steel church buildings, in general, have many advantages like: 

  • Design flexibility  
  • Resistant to wear 
  • Can hold up against both heat and cold 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Adaptable 
  • Affordable 

prefab church buildings designs and layouts for growing congregations

A prefabricated steel building does not succumb to termites and rot, which is otherwise associated with the wood-based structure. Plus they are around 40% cheaper to insure. All of which makes a steel structure more affordable both in short and the long term as not as much maintenance is required. 

Why are Prefab Churches Gaining in Popularity? 

One of the leading reasons for their popularity is the fact that they are easy to build. All the materials and requirements are inexpensive and durable. So, everything can be put together reliably. 

You also get numerous benefits and customization options like the size, materials, and colors. So, the resulting church building can be precisely the way you want it. 

Any Size is Possible? 

Prefab churches can efficiently be designed, manufactured, and built to exact specifications. These specifications need to be precise as everything depends on it. But if you need more space or want a larger building that too can be arranged. Modular construction means that the building can be easily expanded as the congregation grows. 

How Will It Save you Money?

Not only are these churches cheaper to build, but they can also be built on your own. Being able to purchase a kit and set up the building on your own will save money on labor. Not to mention that there is no scrap or waste as a result, plus it is more energy efficient. All of these factors translate to helping you save money. 


At the end of the day, the biggest reason for prefabricated churches being so popular is because they are easy to build. They are also cheaper compared to other types of buildings, and the strength of steel is the reason why these buildings are so durable. After all, it is durability, budget friendliness, and the fact that the building can be customized is the leading reason why prefabricated churches are so popular.

steel livestock buildings are popular in the agricultural community for many reasons

5 Reasons to Have Steel Livestock Buildings

When it comes to structures for your livestock, you have literally dozens of different options from which to choose. However, your best bet is always going to be steel livestock buildings because the provide the best bang for your bottom dollar. Below we cover a couple of reasons why steel livestock buildings are such a good option for you. 

Constructing a Steel Livestock Building is Easy and Fast 

Unlike traditional wooden buildings that can take weeks to build and a large team of workers working around 8 hours a day, steel buildings go up much faster. So, anyone who needs a quick solution for their growing livestock should invest in steel. Plus it is cheaper to set up and only requires around two people at most, which make it cost effective too.

Initial Lower Costs for Steel Livestock Buildings 

The great thing about steel structures is that they need very little building materials and a few people to do the job. The benefits of a using few materials and next to no labor results in a lower cost of the initial construction. That said it does not mean that the resulting building will not be sturdy or last you a long time. Steel is amongst the strongest materials available today and requires next to no maintenance for years if not decades.

prefabricated metal livestock buildings

steel livestock barns for cows and other farm animals

Requires Less Maintenance 

Now that we’ve established that setting up a steel building is cheap then its no surprise that maintenance is cheap too. You need almost nothing to keep the structure in good condition. All you need is to give it a power wash annually, get the roof and seam inspected, and that’s just about it. When you buy it from a reputable source and follow the instructions to build it correctly, you can expect decades of service life without so much as even having it painted. 

Steel is Impervious to all the Issues Faced by Wood Structures 

Anyone who uses wooden buildings may find this impossible, but in fact, it is not. When you consider the issues with wood, you’ll spend far less time and money fixing any of those issues with a steel building. When panels are created, the color is mixed with the metal. That’s why the structure is virtually resistant to fading and does not require painting for a very long time. They also don’t suffer from rot, mold bugs, and rodents. It is also impervious to fire, so the barn will not burn down. So, in a nutshell, you save time with a steel structure. 

Modifying the Structure is Affordable and Simple 

The biggest benefit of using a steel livestock building is the ease at which you can modify and expand it. The structure does not have to be retrofit, the seams can easily be popped apart, and a new set of panels can be added in a matter of hours. 

Nail the Right Design and Look 

Unlike the steel-paneled buildings used on farms decades ago, today’s products have improved tremendously in terms of design, colors, etc. So now you get to choose the shape of the roof, add front panels that look like wood or steel and create a look you like. Whether it is conventional or unconventional how the barn looks is all up to you. 

If you have a question about steel livestock buildings, feel free to contact us today.