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How Much Does a 60×80 Metal Building Cost?

While wood is the traditional material used for buildings, metal is proving to be a stronger, more reliable choice. When you choose wood for your building, you have to worry about yearly maintenance costs, pest infestations, and even water damage. However, choosing metal prevents you from having to worry about...

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Is a Steel Commercial Building a Smart Investment?

For many years, there were very few choices when it came to construction materials–primarily wood and concrete. Buildings were limited in size and scope because of these limitations. Now, many buildings include metal elements that increase their longevity and strength, and people are turning to steel buildings to meet a...

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8 Industries That Use Steel Crane Buildings

Cranes are an essential tool many manufacturing industries use to perform various tasks. Using a crane allows people to move and lift loads that would otherwise be unmoveable, allowing businesses to streamline production, increase efficiency, and reduce workforce. Cranes are also fundamental to the construction industry, towering over job sites...

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7 Reasons Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Make Excellent Manufacturing Plants

Modern manufacturing requires space to accommodate warehouses, cranes, mezzanines, and more–and it needs to be flexible enough to grow as production ramps up. Wooden buildings simply can’t keep up with the real-world challenges and needs of manufacturing facilities. It’s simply too hard to adapt these buildings to meet your needs,...

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Six Benefits of Steel Buildings for Semi-Truck Storage

Steel buildings have become increasingly popular for vehicle storage, and one area where they excel is semi-truck storage. One obstacle semi truck companies face is finding practical, reliable storage for fleets of large commercial trucks. However, steel buildings are the number one choice for semi-truck storage for multiple reasons. Whether...

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