The Best Airplane Hangar Designs for All Size Airplanes

Buying your own airplane is a big decision, but you have to plan to store it too. Apart from owning your own space, it is also possible to rent a hangar space. Buying an airplane is an investment and that investment needs to be protected in a secure place. Below are a couple of hangar types from which to choose the best airplane hangar designs. These range from the low-end in terms of cost to the high-end rentals in detail below.

Renting a Hangar space vs. Building One 

The biggest advantage of building your own hangar is the ability to customize it so that it can accommodate the wingspan, tail height, and length. When you own the hangar, it is possible to avoid hangar rash, a term used for minor accidents between two or more planes that share the same hangar. Plus it also means that you don’t have to hunt for a space in the hangar each time you want to park. However, if the pane is just for personal or recreational use, it may not be a big issue, but if it is a corporate plane, then it can be an issue.

Airplane Sizes & Best Airplane Hangar Designs 

Hangars are available in a myriad of sizes and shapes which can make finding the right one tricky. Though the two common ones are the ‘T’ shape which fits the plane snugly and then there is the rectangular shape which allows for a bit more room in the hangar after the plane is parked. 

Both designs are very good so as long as they cater to your specific needs. For instance, a ‘T’ shape design may best be suited for a hobbyist while a corporate plane is best paired in a rectangular hangar because then there is more room to maneuver. 

Below we look at the most common corporate, personal, and commercial airplane models and the cost associated with them.

best airplane hangar designs and cost for aircraft of all sizes

prefabricated steel aircraft hangar plans and storage options on a budget

The cost of Renting a Hangar 

The cost will depend on many factors, including location, size, and how much room you’re renting. A basic hangar with water and power on average will range from $50 to $300 a month. While this is fine for a hobbyist, it may not work well for a corporate plane. That’s why the rental for a corporate hangar ranges from between $1500 to $3000 a month. It’s expensive because these hangars are generally nicer, have heating facilities and electricity. 

The Right Hangar Doors 

Sliding Doors: These doors open by sliding to the side. They are limited to the width of the building. The problem with these doors is that they are difficult to open, especially for hangars in snowy areas since snow and ice can make the doors impossible to open. 

Bifold Airplane Hangar Doors: Bifold airplane doors fold horizontally from the middle and while open it does stick out slightly from the hangar’s structure. Generally, these doors are best suited to taller, hangar buildings. The doors can easily be opened electronically or with a cable. 

Hydraulic Hangar Doors: The hydraulic door opens as a single unit similar to a garage door and can take up ceiling space. If you decide on this type of door, there should be plenty of room in the hangar to account for space when opened. 

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