Metal Buildings for Sale in Ontario, Canada: Reliable Prefab Metal Buildings

When it comes to choosing a reliable workshop, storage building, agricultural center, or any other type of steel building in Ontario, Canada, Titan Steel Structures is a contractor you can trust. Our metal buildings are engineered to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, including heavy snow loads and strong winds.

With decades of experience and expertise in reliable metal building kits, we pride ourselves on offering superior craftsmanship and strong buildings that last. Whether you’re in Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, or London, we’re here to be your trusted partner from conception to delivery.

Versatile Metal Buildings Accommodate Ontario’s Continental Climate

Ontario, the southernmost province that borders the U.S. and Great Lakes, is known for having a continental climate. This means that winters bring high temperatures and lots of sun while the winters bring frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Prefab metal buildings are perfectly suited for Ontario’s diverse and challenging climate. Between high winds in the Great Lakes and coastal regions and the heavy snowfall of Northern Ontario and the Snow Belt areas, businesses and residents across the region require reliable structures.

Our prefab steel buildings can be engineered to withstand winds in excess of 170 MPH and can withstand snow loads of up to 360 lbs. Not only are metal buildings structurally sound, but they can be insulated efficiently to keep the interior temperature comfortable all year round.

Unlike traditional wood-framed structures, metal buildings are resistant to moisture, mold, and pests, making them ideal for Ontario’s variable weather conditions.

Popular Uses for Metal Buildings in Ontario, Canada

Our reliable metal buildings for sale are suitable for virtually any residential, commercial, or agricultural project in Ontario. Built with I-beams and a robust steel framework, our buildings feature a clear-span design, eliminating the need for interior beams and support structures. The clear-span design, combined with numerous customization options, makes for versatile structures that can serve a range of purposes.

  • Workshops
  • Storage buildings
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Auto Shops or storage
  • Municipal buildings
  • Riding arenas
  • Horse barns
  • Grow houses
  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

Highlights of our Ontario Metal Building Kits

There are many reasons to choose Titan Steel Structures when purchasing a metal building kit for Ontario. Key highlights of our metal buildings include:

  • Strength and durability. Our metal buildings are made of high-quality steel that has greater strength than most other building materials, ensuring your building lasts for decades.
  • Customizable. With the customizable additions of insulation, gutters and downspouts, framed openings, galvanized secondary members, windows and skylights, and lean-to structures, you have the chance to create the exact structure you require.
  • Minimal maintenance is required. Steel is one of the few building materials with the ability to last for years with only a little upkeep, reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Cost-effective. Metal buildings offer excellent value for money compared to traditional construction methods. With quicker construction times and lower material costs, you’ll enjoy significant savings without compromising on quality.
  • Resistant to corrosion. Our steel is reinforced with corrosion-resistant properties that allow your building to withstand the negative effects of Ontario’s elements.
  • Custom dimensions and sizes. While many customers in Ontario choose from our most popular dimensions, we also offer custom sizes, including your choice in eave height and roof pitch.
  • No professional installation is required! Our buildings are delivered with blueprints and detailed instructions for assembly, making the erection process simple and straightforward.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Steel is recyclable, so if you wish to take down your steel industrial building for any reason, you can do it in an environmentally responsible way, helping preserve Ontario’s precious ecosystems.

Engineered According to Ontario Building Codes

Since the establishment of The Building Code Act in 1992,  the building code that is used as a standard for construction and building regulations is the Ontario Building Code (OBC). It sets out the minimum requirements for the construction, renovation, and maintenance of buildings to ensure they are safe, accessible, and sustainable. The OBC is regularly updated to reflect changes in technology, materials, and building practices.

At Titan Steel Structures, all of our metal buildings for sale in Ontario are manufactured according to the OBC. Our buildings come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a licensed Ontario engineer.

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Our Canadian steel buildings come in custom sizes and can be customized to meet your preferences and specifications. Start designing your building by visiting our 3D Building Designer or get a free quote by contacting us today!

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