Are Steel Frame Warehouses a Good Option?

One of the questions we always get asked is, why do steel frame warehouses perform better than their conventional counterparts? It’s a very important question and something you should answer before choosing a storage solution. Answering the question will help to find the right type of building based on your budget and use. 

Below we touch upon a couple of reasons why steel frame warehouses are a good deal.

Steel Warehouse Buildings are Very Easy to Modify 

The problem with wooden structures is that once they are built, they can’t be changed. You can’t just disassemble a part of it, change its shape, or expand it as you can with steel. Steel, can, on the other hand, be expanded, modified, etc. Not to mention that it is far easier to build the shape and size you want with a steel structure than you can with traditional materials. That’s why making sure that your steel warehouse building fits your needs is much easier with steel mainly because you don’t need support beams its possible to maximize the most space.

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Quick and Easy Construction 

When compared to building with concrete or wood steel is faster, and the process is cheaper. Even though you suddenly wouldn’t need a warehouse, the fact is that it is quicker to build one when needed. Plus with low-cost maintenance, you will be saving more money, which in turn means more revenue for your business.

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A Very Affordable Warehouse Solution 

When you consider the various materials used to build warehouses, i.e. wood, cement, metal, and stone, the choice of the best material is pretty obvious. Now, this is true for the majority of warehouses as the cost per square foot tends to go down as the size of the project increases. With a steel structure, it is much easier and cheaper to expand it when needed. So, according to experts, your initial construction costs are up to 40% percent cheaper in most cases.

Steel Buildings have Low Liabilities 

Durability is one of the biggest strong suites of a steel frame warehouse building as it is impervious to several issues from rot to rodents. So, you don’t have to worry about things like fires, from destroying the building and everything in it. You also don’t have to worry about flooding, when properly installed it is impervious to just about anything you can think of making it the best logical choice. Not to mention that they are extremely safe and secure, so you pay much less for insurance compared to if you had a regular building. 

Steel Buildings are Much More Versatile 

Today’s technology has allowed for the production of the most durable steel parts and buildings. The latest insulated panels ensure temperature controlled warehouses, noise elimination technology, etc. Plus you can expand the working hours of your business without drawing notice from the competition with the right type of building in place. The noise canceling construction can also be used to ensure that your activities aren’t deemed a nuisance by the community.

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