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Prefab School Buildings: A Possible Solution for Aging Schools

School Buildings Need To Be Updated, According To Our Research... The average public school in the United States is 42 years old. This is consistent with the average age of most public infrastructure within the country. Many of these schools and other public works projects were built at a time...

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Take Flight With a Pre-Engineered Aircraft Hangar

Pre-Engineered Aircraft Hangars Are The Best Way To Go To Protect Your Investment To say that buying an aircraft is an investment is a bit of an understatement. Depending on your budget you could be looking to spend about as much as a nice used car would cost. Or you...

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Building an Alternative Gym Business with Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Building an Alternative Gym Business with Prefabricated Metal Buildings There are currently over 13,000 CrossFit gyms in over 120 countries. Considering that in 2005 there were only 13 worldwide, shows just how popular this fitness craze has become. Yet it isn’t just CrossFit that is driving this trend towards new...

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5 Advantages of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Over Concrete

What's Better Prefab Steel Buildings or Brick and Mortar?... Concrete is one of the oldest building materials known to man, besides wood or compacted dirt. Evidence of its small-scale production dates back to 6500 BC in the Arabic Peninsula. As well the Romans made widespread use of their specialized concrete,...

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Using a Metal Building as a Grow House

Prefabricated Buildings are the Best Solution for a Marijuana Grow House... Our relationship with marijuana in the United States has changed dramatically in the past five years. Perhaps no other substance, besides alcohol, has experienced such a shift. Similar to what occurred after the end of prohibition, the current climate...

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