Creating Flex Space with a Prefabricated Steel Building

Using Metal Building Kits to Create Flex Space

As a business owner it can be difficult to determine when exactly you need to move into a bigger space. On the one hand you don’t want to wait until you are bursting at the seams, as you could lose out on opportunities. But on the other hand you don’t want to jump the gun and move into a larger space that you cannot utilize correctly and is too costly. This creates a dilemma for the business owner. One where they have to balance their current and projected needs, with what they can cost effectively afford to occupy.

Out of this constant change in business and the desire of some business owners to not fully commit to a larger space came the idea of flex space. And while flex space revolutionized the way that people thought of business environments, especially for those in the tech industry, now with prefabricated buildings, creating flex space just got a whole lot easier.

What is Flex Space?

Flex space usually refers to industrial space, where individuals can flex or change the environment in order to meet their needs. It could mean that you start off with a warehouse space, and then add an office or other accommodations to that space. As you need more space you can add or take away offices. Or essentially do whatever you need to the space.

Flex space origins stem from the many manufacturing and industrial buildings that we have in this country. Many were left dormant as manufacturing jobs went over seas and investors saw opportunities there. These buildings were converted into office space or even condos. Since many of these buildings had clear span floor plans, the investors were able to create the space the way they saw fit. And they were able to expand units if needed, or even make units smaller.

The only issue with these traditional buildings in terms of flex space is that the exterior is not easily expandable. This is in part because of the original building materials, which were usually brick or cement. And so the only real flexibility that contractors had was with the interior space.

This however changed with the advent and adoption of the prefabricated building. Since the prefabricated building is essentially a modular metal building with a clear span floor plan, they can be customized and changed with both the interior and exterior.

How Can I Create Flex Space with a Prefabricated Building?

A prefabricated building is basically perfectly designed to create flex space. The reason for this goes beyond the clear span layout and rest in the fact that when you order a prefabricated building you are basically starting with a shell of a building. From this empty shell you can create anything that you want. You can air condition a portion of the metal building. Or you can air condition the entire metal building. You can have warehouse space and offices. Or you can leave the clear span layout as is and utilize the metal building however you see fit.

Not to mention that changing the layout of your building is incredibly easy. And expanding it is equally as easy. To give you an example, lets say that you have started a business and you initially decide that you only need 2500 sq. ft. with a mixture of office and warehouse space. Using the clear span design of a prefabricated building you can accomplish this with no problem. Now lets say that 6 months down the road you realize that you need more office space. Putting up walls, temporary or fixed, is easy, and you can revamp the entire use of your space. Now lets say that another 6 months pass and you realize that you have outgrown the space all together. Rather then having to move to a larger space, you can simply expand on your building and add as much space as you’d like.

This ability to expand with ease is one of the greatest things about prefab buildings. In fact there is really no other construction method on earth that allows expansion in this manner. So if you are looking for a new space for your business, or you are just starting out, look into prefabricated building kits as a way to get the space that you need.

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