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7 Reasons Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Make Excellent Manufacturing Plants

Modern manufacturing requires space to accommodate warehouses, cranes, mezzanines, and more–and it needs to be flexible enough to grow as production ramps up. Wooden buildings simply can’t keep up with the real-world challenges and needs of manufacturing facilities. It’s simply too hard to adapt these buildings to meet your needs,...

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Six Benefits of Steel Buildings for Semi-Truck Storage

Steel buildings have become increasingly popular for vehicle storage, and one area where they excel is semi-truck storage. One obstacle semi truck companies face is finding practical, reliable storage for fleets of large commercial trucks. However, steel buildings are the number one choice for semi-truck storage for multiple reasons. Whether...

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Metal Home?

As the housing market gets tighter and interest rates become unpredictable, more people are looking for affordable housing. Metal homes can provide an ideal balance of affordability, comfort, and flexibility for people who want to escape the traditional housing market. Building a metal home allows you to select from a...

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Where Can I Find a 40×60 Metal Building With Living Quarters?

Building with steel can save you money and create a visually-appealing, usable space for many needs. As more people face a tight housing market and rising interest rates, many look for alternative housing options that provide both affordability and adaptability. Steel buildings fit the bill and allow people to get...

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What Are 80×100 Steel Buildings Used For?

While many people choose to use wood or concrete for their large buildings, steel is becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking to create a durable, trustworthy, and cost-effective large-scale building, steel is your best choice. At Titan Steel Structures, one of our most popular dimensions is our 80x100 prefabricated...

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