8 Industries That Use Steel Crane Buildings

Cranes are an essential tool many manufacturing industries use to perform various tasks. Using a crane allows people to move and lift loads that would otherwise be unmoveable, allowing businesses to streamline production, increase efficiency, and reduce workforce.

Cranes are also fundamental to the construction industry, towering over job sites in every city. Any job that requires heavy lifting and moving requires a crane, and there are many types of cranes to meet a variety of industrial and commercial needs.

Using a crane building can save industries space, make work easier and more efficient, and ensure workers’ safety on the job, and there are several relevant industries that use steel crane buildings to perform essential tasks.

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8 Industries That Use Steel Crane Buildings

There are many types of cranes used in a huge range of industries. Safe, efficient production relies on bridge cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, jib cranes, and more to transport heavy, awkward, or bulky loads from place to place.

Here are eight hard-working industries that rely on steel crane buildings to get the job done right.


When you think about concrete, you probably imagine huge, heavy loads. There is nothing small or lightweight about the concrete manufacturing business. Whether you’re working with bags of premix or handling finished precast pieces, you’ll need a crane to help you move items from place to place.

Concrete manufacturing plants rely on gantry and bridge cranes to haul loads within factories and overhead cranes to assist with pouring architectural spans.

Power plants

People in every town and city in the country rely on power plants for the energy needed to run their homes and businesses. Power plants provide an essential service that must work, no matter what.

The equipment involved in power plants has to be reliable and ensure workers’ safety. Many power plants have bridge cranes in their steel crane buildings, which provide unmatched strength, reliability, and precision.


Building something as expansive as an airplane requires ample space for large production equipment and parts, including engines and interiors. Steel crane buildings provide the room aviation hangars need while allowing the durability and space required to support an overhead crane.

Auto industry

Automotive manufacturing requires huge open areas that allow workers to move parts along the assembly line until they’re finished. Cranes can assist workers in moving heavy, cumbersome parts from one station to the next. Or, they can be fully automated, reducing the workforce and streamlining these processes.

Most automotive assembly lines rely on the versatility and strength of bridge cranes. Gantry cranes can be useful for a range of tasks in auto repair shops, such as lifting car bodies.


Cranes allow shipbuilders to lift and move the massive, sometimes awkwardly shaped, parts and tools necessary to complete the job correctly. It would be impossible to haul parts and tools around the interior of a ship’s hull because of its unique shape without help from an overhead crane.

Shipbuilders rely on the durability of a steel crane building that can support an overhead crane and a wide-spanning gantry crane that can handle bulky loads with precision and ease.

Plastic injection molding

Overhead crane systems are essential to plastic fabrication plants for many reasons. First, overhead cranes offer a reliable way to handle the heavy molds and raw materials crucial to this type of production. Next, overhead cranes provide a high level of precision, which is essential when working with high temperatures and melted plastic. Finally, crane systems allow for easy transportation of goods at all stages of production throughout the assembly line, increasing efficiency and productivity.


Storage warehouses are often housed in steel crane buildings because they require an efficient way to manage large, often valuable goods. Managing a spacious warehouse requires a safe way to transport crates and containers from place to place without damaging the goods inside.

Monorail and other types of overhead cranes can help workers keep track of inventory and make sure it’s accessible when they need it.

Metal manufacturing

Like concrete manufacturing, metal manufacturing deals with a lot of weight and bulky items. However, metal manufacturing often has an additional consideration: heat. Workers rely on overhead cranes to provide a secure, precise way to transport goods when working with molten metal, large volumes of sheet metal, or other manufactured products.

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