7 Reasons Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Make Excellent Manufacturing Plants

Modern manufacturing requires space to accommodate warehouses, cranes, mezzanines, and more–and it needs to be flexible enough to grow as production ramps up.

Wooden buildings simply can’t keep up with the real-world challenges and needs of manufacturing facilities. It’s simply too hard to adapt these buildings to meet your needs, and you’re constrained by the need for support walls.

When traditional wood construction doesn’t cut it, there’s a clear alternative that provides the strength and adaptability you need: prefabricated metal buildings.

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer superior strength, flexible designs, and a budget-friendly alternative to traditional structures. This guide will explore some of the most significant benefits of metal manufacturing buildings. Contact the steel building experts at Titan Steel Structures today to learn more or get a customized quote.

7 Reasons Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Make Ideal Manufacturing Plants

Metal manufacturing plants offer a wide range of advantages over traditional wooden buildings. Here are seven of the best reasons to make the switch to metal manufacturing buildings.

1. Metal manufacturing buildings cost less

If you compare the overall cost of building and maintaining wood and metal manufacturing plants, the choice becomes clear. Metal buildings are more cost-effective at every step, beginning with construction.

Pre-engineered metal buildings arrive at your construction site pre-measured, cut, and drilled, meaning construction is quick and straightforward. The more streamlined steel frame weighs less, allowing you to save money on your concrete foundation. Deeper wall cavities mean you can install more insulation, allowing you to save money on energy for the lifetime of your building.

Metal manufacturing plants can withstand almost any weather condition and most natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes. They resist pest infestation, mold, water damage, and fire. You’ll save money on maintenance, and your insurance premiums are likely to be much lower than if you had a traditional wood building.

2. Metal manufacturing plants are strong

Steel is a rugged building material that provides the best strength-to-weight ratio available. You’ll benefit from steel’s strength and durability without all the extra weight from additional framing pieces.

Metal also resists warping or bending and can hold up to heat, high winds, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and more–all without losing its integrity.

3. Quick construction

When you build with wood, much of your timeline depends on the weather. Rain and weather delays can push back construction for days, weeks, or months. Pre-engineered metal buildings are measured, cut, and drilled in a warehouse, meaning you won’t need to worry that your project timeline will be pushed out because of the weather.

Your metal building kit will arrive at the job site ready to be put up–and construction only requires bolting pieces together. Your construction crew will have all the parts and instructions necessary to install your metal building plant quickly and efficiently. And after construction is finished, you won’t have waste or materials left over.

4. Limitless design options

A pre-engineered metal building is an ideal choice for a manufacturing plant because it allows you to customize exactly the size and configuration you need. The interior of a metal building has a clearspan design, allowing you a generous amount of unobstructed space. You’ll get a wide-open room with ceilings high enough for cranes, mezzanine floors, office spaces, and more.

5. Protection from the elements

Your business and manufacturing plants are investments that require protection. Metal manufacturing buildings protect your employees and products from the elements, allowing for a comfortable, dry environment inside, no matter what happens outside.

Metal buildings also naturally resist many environmental stressors and problems that can damage traditional wood structures. You won’t have to worry about termite or rodent infestation or mitigate mildew or mold. When cold weather creeps in or the temperature soars, you can feel confident that your team and your products will be protected.

And when you don’t have to worry about weather, pests, and natural disasters, you can feel confident that production will keep running–no matter what.

6. Environmentally-friendly

More companies and customers are focusing on reducing their impact on the environment. Metal buildings are an environmentally-friendly building option because:

  • They are made of recycled steel and can be recycled later on
  • Construction waste is reduced drastically
  • They are durable enough to last for decades
  • Overall energy costs are reduced because of insulation and energy-efficient HVAC systems

Metal buildings aren’t just good for your wallet and business–they’re better for the environment. Investing in a metal manufacturing plant is a great step if you are looking for ways to reduce your impact on the environment and attract conscientious customers.

7. Metal buildings can support bridge cranes for manufacturing

The last reason why metal buildings make great manufacturing plants is their capacity to support bridge cranes. Bridge cranes are crucial for efficient material handling and product assembly within manufacturing facilities. With their robust construction, metal buildings are designed to endure the weight and stress imposed by bridge cranes, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Additionally, the clear-span design of metal buildings allows for unrestricted movement of bridge cranes throughout the facility. This open layout eliminates the need for interior columns, enhancing maneuverability and accessibility. By providing ample space for bridge crane placement, metal buildings promote seamless production processes, optimize material handling, and minimize the risk of collisions.

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