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5 Common Myths About Steel Buildings: Debunked

Steel is the best choice for a variety of building projects. But there are a lot of misconceptions about this versatile, durable building material that can confuse people or steer them in the wrong direction. We put together this guide to debunk five of the most common myths about steel...

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How Much Does a 100×200 Metal Building Cost?

Wood was known as the leading material for building various projects for decades, however, metal has begun taking over. While wood buildings are susceptible to several issues, like insect infestations, mold, and rotting support beams, metal is extremely durable. When you choose a metal building you don’t have to worry...

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6 Reasons Metal Buildings are the Perfect Choice for Commercial and Agricultural Purposes in Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state full of nature and wonder. The Rocky Mountain State is home to multiple commercial hubs with thriving businesses and agricultural projects ranging from cattle and calves to dairy products, corn, hay, wheat, and even hemp and marijuana. But with these benefits comes the need for...

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6 Reasons Steel Buildings are the Best Solution for Commercial, Agricultural, and Residential Needs in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state, with snow-capped mountains and waterfalls extending beyond sunkissed canyons. While Arizona has endless natural beauty, it is also known to have extreme weather during the summer months. With temperatures reaching past 100 degrees, it is becoming increasingly important to create buildings that can keep you...

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How Much Does a Steel Barndominium Cost?

Housing costs are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. As the demand for affordable housing climbs, many people are looking to alternative housing options–including steel barndominiums. But what is a barndominium–and how much does it cost to build one? This helpful guide will give you information...

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