6 Reasons Steel Buildings are the Best Solution for Commercial, Agricultural, and Residential Needs in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state, with snow-capped mountains and waterfalls extending beyond sunkissed canyons. While Arizona has endless natural beauty, it is also known to have extreme weather during the summer months. With temperatures reaching past 100 degrees, it is becoming increasingly important to create buildings that can keep you cool.

The ability to beat the heat is just one reason why many people choose to use steel for their buildings rather than wood or concrete. While there are many benefits of steel buildings, the ability to insulate effectively and keep cold air in is essential for residents of Arizona.

If you are thinking of building something in Arizona, whether it is your own home, a business, or an office space, being aware of the top 5 benefits of steel buildings can make your planning process much more straightforward.

1. Steel Buildings Have Lower Energy Costs

High temperatures in Arizona during the summer months routinely reach over 100 degrees. Sometimes, summer temperatures can creep over 120 degrees, which can create a challenge when attempting to keep your home or business cool. However, with a steel building, you will be able to trap your cold air inside while keeping the sun out.

Steel offers a high level of insulation from outdoor heat, reducing your need to keep your air conditioner running. Even further, the roofs on steel buildings reflect the sun’s rays, saving you more money on your energy bill. This is extremely beneficial for the residents of Arizona, as energy costs can become extremely high during the summer months.

2. Staying Cool During Hot Arizona Summers

In addition to lowering your energy costs, having a steel building will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer. If you are planning on building a residential property like a school or a gym, the reliable insulation options featured with steel buildings will provide you with an escape from the heat. Similarly, steel commercial buildings can keep tenants cool and reduce their urges to crank up their air conditioning, saving you money in the long run.

3. Weather Durability

During the summertime in Arizona, you may face severe weather such as thunderstorms, wind, and more. This type of weather could lead to significant damage to buildings, like roof damage or major leaks. If you choose to use steel for your building, you will not have to worry about weather damage.

Steel buildings are incredibly durable when it comes to severe weather. Whether you are dealing with heavy rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, or wildfires, your steel building will be able to withstand it.

4. Ability to Withstand Fire

Unfortunately, there is no specific fire season in Arizona anymore. Wildfires can occur year-round in this state. According to the Department of Forestry and Fire Management, a total of 2,520 wildfires burned nearly 980,000 acres of state, federal, and tribal lands in almost every corner of the state in 2020.

Fires are a serious risk you should consider when you are building in Arizona. Thankfully, steel buildings are practically fire-resistant because the material is durable and non-combustible. The way steel is created ensures that the material can withstand exposure to prolonged and elevated temperatures during a fire.

Because fires are becoming increasingly common in the state of Arizona, choosing a steel building can prevent you from losing your business or home.

5. Steel Buildings Have Less Need for Repairs

When you use wood to create a building, you may experience rotting, splitting, or even water damage. All of these things are considered “typical repairs” that you have to plan for when you own a wooden building. However, with steel, you have less of a need to worry about routine repairs or wear and tear over the years.

The durable condition of steel buildings keeps them in perfect condition summer after summer, reducing your need to spend money on repairs. The money you have set aside for future repairs on your building can be used for other things, like decor choices or add-ons that you wouldn’t have been able to afford previously.

6. Prevents Pest Infestations

Wooden buildings are notorious for experiencing pest issues. From termites and insects to mic and rodents, many individuals with wooden buildings experience costly pest issues that are difficult to get rid of. When you choose a steel building, you are basically preventing yourself from having to worry about pest infestations in the future.

Steel buildings are pest-resistant because there is no wood for the insects or animals to chew through. Additionally, there will be no cracks along your roofline, making it nearly impossible for pests to get inside your building. Lastly, steel buildings are easy to insulate, and the insulation will take up any space an animal could have used for nesting if you had another type of building.

Reliable Steel Building Kits for Sale in Arizona

If you need a reliable building for personal, commercial, or agricultural needs in Arizona, you should opt for red iron steel. Pre-engineered steel buildings are good at keeping cool air in and warm air out during the summer, can withstand the most severe weather, and require very little maintenance.

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