6 Reasons Metal Buildings are the Perfect Choice for Commercial and Agricultural Purposes in Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state full of nature and wonder. The Rocky Mountain State is home to multiple commercial hubs with thriving businesses and agricultural projects ranging from cattle and calves to dairy products, corn, hay, wheat, and even hemp and marijuana. But with these benefits comes the need for durable, reliable, and long-lasting buildings. Whether it is for commercial or agricultural purposes, Colorado residents are increasingly turning to pre-engineered metal buildings for their quality, affordability, and more.

Here are 6 reasons why metal buildings are the best choice for commercial and agricultural needs in Colorado.

1. Metal Buildings Have a High Snow Load Capacity

Although Colorado doesn’t get as much snow as the Northeastern US, large swaths of the state still see plenty of annual snowfall. Especially if you live in the mountains, snow is an essential thing for you to consider when constructing a new building.

When snow piles on top of itself, it gets heavy. Compacted snow and wet snow are even heavier. While Colorado is known for dry snow, several inches of snow accumulation can start putting stress on your roof.

Prefab metal buildings are engineered according to state and local building codes, so they can be manufactured to have a high snow load capacity — up to 350 lbs! Whether you have snow or ice, choosing metal means you won’t have to worry about your roof caving in.

2. Energy Efficiency

Colorado has warm summers and cold winters, with large temperature fluctuations on most days. Because of the regular temperature shifts the state sees, buildings need to be able to stay cool in the heat, but also trap heat in the cold. Some building types, such as wood, can require a lot of power to regulate the inside temperature, and concrete can get too cold and stay that way for a little too long. Metal, however, is both an insulator and a conductor. Metal buildings can be customized with advanced ventilation and insulation systems that control the inside climate without high energy demand.

3. Metal Buildings are Resistant to Colorado Wildfires

As climate change begins taking its toll on the planet, many states including Colorado have begun seeing an increase in wildfires. There are, on average, 5,618 wildfires in Colorado each year, and four out of the five largest wildfires have occurred in just the last three years. To protect themselves and their investments against fire, Coloradans are opting for metal structures.

Unlike wood-framed buildings, metal buildings are constructed out of steel which is non-combustible. In fact, the International Building Code recognizes steel framing as a noncombustible material, meaning it will not ignite, feed flames, cause fire to spread, or burn. This means pre-engineered metal buildings will withstand Colorado wildfires better than other wood buildings.

4. Quick Erection Times are Suitable for Short Seasons

Weather extremes in higher elevation areas of Colorado often result in very short building seasons. There isn’t always enough time to construct and finish a wood or concrete building. However, pre-engineered metal buildings come already measured, cut, and ready to install, shortening the construction process by months. Depending on the terrain, building size, and construction team, a metal building can be erected and fully functional within a matter of weeks.

5. Metal Buildings Eliminate the Risk of Termites

Although termites are typically known to make homes in humid and coastal regions, Colorado is a victim of the wood-eating insect, too. Termites eat cellulose, a component found in wood. Metal buildings are made of steel, a 100% inorganic material that doesn’t contain any cellulose. Since metal doesn’t provide a suitable food source for termites, they won’t infest a metal building.

6. Wind Resistant Abilities of Metal Buildings

Although people don’t usually think of Colorado as a windy state, Colorado ranks #7 in the states with the most tornadoes, and the state’s rocky terrain makes it prone to Chinooks, which are warm and dry winds at high speeds.

When high winds or tornadoes hit, nails and staples can come out of wood structures, connections get loose, and walls can collapse. But with metal buildings, strong bolt and screw connections combined with durable lightweight metal reduces the risk of wind damage.

Similar to snow loads, pre-engineered metal buildings can be constructed to meet or exceed any local wind speed requirements.

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