How Much Does an 8,000 Square Foot Steel Building Cost?

Metal buildings are flooding the modern market–and for good reason. These versatile, eco-friendly, durable structures are an ideal solution for a wide range of projects. Whether you need storage, a workspace, or even a retail building, a metal building can give you all the versatile, comfortable space you need. Steel buildings also cost less at just about every step of the construction process and can save you money over time.

Not only can metal buildings give you enough space for any project, but they are quick and efficient to build. You’ll be able to get your building from dream to reality with a smaller construction crew and less construction waste.

One of the most popular steel building sizes is 80×100. This generously sized building can be used for large commercial spaces, warehouses, aircraft storage, and more. The clearspan design of an 80×100 steel building gives you 8,000 square feet of uninterrupted space, allowing you to customize it to meet your specifications.

But just how much does an 8,000 square foot building cost? Reach out to the experts at Titan Steel Structures to get a customized quote or to design something new.

How Much Does an 8,000 Square Foot Steel Building Cost?

Many factors affect the price of steel, so it can be challenging to determine the exact cost of an 8,000 square foot building at different times. However, current metal building prices range between $25 and $30 per square foot for non-complex designs.

Using current metal building price estimates, an 8,000 square foot steel building may cost between $200,000 and $240,000.

Metal building construction typically costs much less than the average cost of new construction for two reasons. First, prefabricated metal building kits are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and arrive at the construction site ready to be assembled. This saves time and money during construction by dramatically reducing labor costs.

Second, metal buildings are made from one of the most cost-effective materials on the market. You’ll save on materials and construction, meaning you’ll pay less for something that will last longer and perform better for years to come.

What Factors Affect the Cost of an 8,000 Square Foot Steel Building?

The current range of the per-square-foot cost of an 8,000 square foot steel building takes several factors into consideration. Here are some of the factors that may affect the overall cost of building a steel building.

Current steel prices

This one may seem obvious, but it is one of the biggest factors in the overall cost of your steel building. The price of steel fluctuates, and like other products, is affected by many global factors. The current price of steel can rise and fall over the course of months or years, so it’s important to know that before you begin construction to get a better sense of your total project cost.


Pre-fabricated steel building kits aren’t one-size-fits-all. A lot of engineering and thought goes into a steel building from start to finish–and these details make it the ideal choice for any project and environment.

The location of a steel building matters during design and construction. The manufacturers will take weather, climate, and other factors into account. Will your building be in an area that gets a lot of snow or rain? Will it need to withstand hurricanes and high winds, or will it be in an area with seismic activity? These details will affect the overall design of the building–and its cost.

Finishing details

The details you choose will affect the total cost of an 8,000 square foot building. This size and type of structure have almost endless options that allow you to transform it into the space you need for just about any purpose.

How you use the building will impact the design elements you add. You’ll need to consider:

  • What type and how many entrances do you need?
  • The number and location of windows
  • Exterior finishes
  • Skylights
  • The type and amount of insulation for its purpose and climate

An 8,000 square foot building provides enough space for manufacturing , equestrian centers, churches, retail, fitness centers, and more. The purpose of your facility will determine what additional features you need–and can affect the total cost of your project.

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