What is the Best Size Riding Arena for Your Riding Discipline?

Whether you have been in the equestrian business for years or just starting out, having a nice riding arena for your clients is a must. One of the most critical aspects of building a new riding arena is choosing the material you use to create it. When you choose steel, you can rest assured that your riding arena will be durable, withstand severe weather, keep your clients comfortable, and look aesthetically pleasing.

Once you have decided to use steel for your new riding arena, it’s time to start thinking about the dimensions of your new building. The size of your riding arena will depend on what riding discipline you are catering to. For example, roping clients will need a little bit more space than if you were hosting dressage competitions.

What is the Best Size Riding Arena for Dressage?

Dressage is a type of training and competition where riders will lead their horses in a specific sequence of movements to display their high level of control and mastery over their horse. In other words, dressage is a competition that showcases the training a rider has provided their horse to a panel of judges. The goal of dressage is to display that the rider and the horse can work in harmony to prove strength, balance, and confidence.

If you are creating a riding arena for dressage training and competitions, you want to have enough room for your riders and horses to perform. The best-size riding arena for dressage competitions is 60x100x16. A 60x100x16 steel building will provide you with enough room within the riding arena and extra space for guests who want to watch the competition take place.

What is the Best Size Riding Arena for Roping?

Roping is a western horseback riding sport where the rider chases a cow on horseback to successfully lasso it and secure the cow. This sport requires a very tough and agile horse, as well as extensive lassoing skills from the rider. Because roping requires chasing a very large animal, you will need a wider arena than is necessary for other disciplines like dressage.

When it comes to roping, the perfect size riding arena is 120x250x16. A 120x250x16 steel building will provide your riders with enough room to navigate the arena and lasso their cows. Additionally, you will have room to add bleachers for your guests to watch roping training sessions and competitions.

What is the Best Size Riding Arena for Jumping?

Show jumping is a type of competition that requires the rider and horse to successfully jump over a series of obstacles that have been designed specifically for that competition. The obstacles may change each time a rider competes, so both the rider and horse must know how to improvise and jump a wide range of obstacles to be successful in competitions.

While jumping competitions require less space than roping, you still want a large area so that riders and horses can create different obstacle courses to train on. With that being said, the best-size riding arena for show jumping is 100x100x20. A 100x100x20 steel building supplies enough room to train, compete, and have a large audience to cheer your riders on, and an eave height of 20 feet provides extra room for vertical clearance.

What is the Best Size Riding Arena for Barrel Racing?

Barrel racing is a type of western competition that requires the rider and horse to navigate around barrels in a clover leaf pattern. These competitions are time-based, which means the person with the fastest time wins. When you are creating a riding arena for barrel racing, you want enough space for the barrels and your riders and horses to quickly run around them without fear of bumping into the fence.

The best-size riding arena for barrel racing training and competitions is 150x250x18. A large 150x250x18 steel riding arena provides plenty of wide open space for riders and horses to practice their barrel racing and compete for the best times.

Why Should You Choose Steel For Your Riding Arena?

Whether you are building an indoor or outdoor riding arena, you want to make sure you are using the best material. Even outdoor riding arenas need coverage from the weather, as this will allow your riders to train and compete, whether it’s rain or shine. When choosing a material for your riding arena, you should always consider steel.

The benefits of choosing a prefab steel riding arena include:

  • Long-lasting and highly durable material
  • Virtually zero maintenance required
  • Ability to withstand even the most severe weather
  • Shelter from rain that provides your riders with the ability to train anytime they’d like
  • Easy to add on extra space later
  • Highly customizable material that can be designed however your heart desires

Steel is the #1 choice when it comes to new riding arenas. Whether you are looking for a building that will last for years to come or a structure that will remain standing even in the most severe weather, steel is the right choice for you.

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