120x180x18 Enclosed Riding Arena in Montana

120x180x18 Enclosed Riding Arena in Montana

Prefab steel buildings are the number one choice for riding arenas in Montana and across the United States. A robust steel framework makes for a durable and reliable structure that can withstand both Mother Nature and human or animal wear and tear.

Not only are steel buildings strong, but the durability of steel allows for these structures to be engineered with a clear-span design, eliminating the need for interior columns and support. A clear-span design is essential for any practical riding arena, as riders and their horses need to be able to move around and perform maneuvers without obstruction.

Looking for inspiration for your new steel riding arena? Take a look at this 120x180x18 enclosed riding arena we provided for our customer in Montana!

Customizable Steel Riding Arenas in Montana

Our steel riding arenas are customizable, allowing you to choose the color of the walls and trim as well as additions like windows, doors, gutters, downspouts, insulation, and more. This 120x180x18 riding arena in Montana features Antique red walls with Burnished slate trim, giving this riding area a striking yet classic appearance that complements its surrounding landscape.

While customers can choose from an enclosed or covered riding arena, this customer chose to have his enclosed. This ensures protection from various weather threats and the ability to ride year-round.

Thanks to the addition of windows and twelve bays, six on each side, this enclosed steel riding arena ensures ample natural light, optimizing visibility and reducing the need for artificial lighting during daytime use. With 21,600 square feet of open space, riders and horses alike can enjoy a spacious and well-lit environment for training, competitions, and leisure riding activities. Additionally, an 18-foot eave height accommodates various riding disciplines and allows for comfortable maneuvering of tall horses.

Montana Riding Arenas Engineered According to Local Building Codes

All of our steel riding areas are manufactured according to state and local building codes. This 120x180x18 riding arena in Montana was engineered according to IBC-2018 and is rated for a 57 PSF snow load and 110 MPH winds. All of our Montana steel buildings come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a Montana engineer.

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