26x48x16 Residential Garage in California

26x48x16 Residential Garage in California

Steel is perhaps the best building material to choose when building a garage. Whether you’re using your garage strictly for vehicle storage or also for repairs and upkeep, our clear-span steel building kits can meet all of your needs. If you’re wondering what your garage could look like, consider using this 26x48x16 garage for your inspiration!

Custom Residential Steel Garages in California

When choosing a prefab steel garage, keep in mind that you have numerous customization options.  From choosing the color scheme to adding features such as windows, insulation, or additional doors, the flexibility of steel construction allows for endless possibilities.

For this project, we provided our customer in California with a 26x48x16 prefab steel garage. With Saddle tan walls and Rustic red trim, we love the charming exterior of this structure.

This steel garage in California also features a pedestrian door for quick entry, stunning skylights that let in natural light and open up the interior space, and a clear-span design that allows our customers to use the space however they see fit.

Built with a robust I-beam steel framework, our steel garages are durable, secure, and long-lasting. They are the trusted choice for protecting vehicles and personal belongings from weather, moisture, pests, and theft.

Steel is not only durable and secure but also highly versatile, making it the ideal choice for constructing residential garages in California.

Steel Garages Built According to California Building Codes

The safety and durability of our buildings are important to us, which is why all of our prefab steel garages are engineered according to state and local building codes. This 26x48x16 steel garage in California is manufactured according to the International Building Code (IBC-2018). It is rated for a 0 lb PSF snow load and can withstand 115 MPH winds. To guarantee compliance, all of our buildings come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by an engineer in your state.

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