5 Reasons Steel Buildings Are a Cost-Effective Option

If you’re planning to construct a building for any personal, industrial, or commercial purpose, you’ll find many options to consider. Steel buildings are one of the best and most cost-effective structures out there–but many people overlook this option because of outdated ideas.

The truth is that steel is one of the best building materials available. Choosing to build with steel means having access to a wide variety of plans and the ability to use custom designs. Steel is a versatile, durable material that can be adapted for a variety of purposes. And the best part? It’s a cost-effective building option.

There are many benefits of choosing cost-effective steel buildings for your next construction project. Reach out to the steel building experts at Titan Steel Structures to explore our prefabricated kits or to design something new.

5 Reasons Steel Buildings Are a Cost-Effective Option

Many people know that steel is strong and durable, but they may not know how cost-effective steel buildings really are. Here are five ways choosing steel can save you money now and over the lifetime of your structure.

1. Lightweight material

Some people may imagine that because steel is so strong, it is also very heavy. However, steel is actually significantly lighter than traditional construction materials like wood and concrete. The components of a steel building retain their structural soundness while weighing less than other materials, meaning you can build more efficiently without sacrificing strength or integrity.

Because steel is a lighter-weight material, most aspects of construction are easier and less expensive. Transporting the steel components to the job site takes less fuel, which may mean lower labor costs because steel is easier to work with. Equipment rental costs may also be lower due to the reduction in the overall weight of building materials.

2. Prefabricated options

Steel buildings can be used for many industrial, commercial, and personal needs. While some people require a custom-built structure, Titan Steel Structures offers a wide range of prefab steel building kits that contain everything you’ll need to construct your building.

With a prefab building kit, you’ll find that the framing sections can be built quickly after delivery. Some sections, including roofing trusses, may even arrive on the job site pre-assembled.  Easier construction means less labor costs and construction times. You’ll also save time and money because construction waste will be reduced significantly.

3. Easy to maintain

When adding up new construction costs, you should always consider the long-term cost of owning the building and not just what you’ll pay to build it. All buildings require maintenance, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Steel buildings require very little maintenance, especially compared to wood or concrete block buildings. Steel is a durable material that can withstand all kinds of weather and natural events. Steel buildings resist wear and tear from exposure and use, meaning your building will retain its strength while still looking new for years to come.

Steel buildings also repel moisture, meaning you won’t have to worry about rot, warping, mold, or other kinds of water damage. Whatever the climate and conditions, a steel building will require much less costly maintenance and repair.

4. Lower energy costs

Steel buildings top the list of energy-efficient building types. Several aspects of steel make it an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient construction option. First, steel naturally reflects sunlight, allowing you to maintain the interior temperature inside the building more easily. Second, steel framing is durable enough to enable heavier layers of insulation, which can help you regulate indoor temperatures without using a lot of energy.

Finally, steel buildings can be fitted with a variety of HVAC systems, allowing you to choose the most efficient system to meet your needs. You won’t spend money on a system you don’t need, and you’ll save on energy costs for as long as you use your steel building.

The roofs of most cost-effective steel buildings can also support the weight of solar panels without warping or needing additional framing. This allows you to consider adding this environmentally-friendly energy production method, which could save you a lot of money in energy costs down the road.

5. Flexibility

You may need to add space or change the configuration inside your steel building as your needs change. For example, you may need to add offices, additional retail space, or meeting rooms if your business suddenly grows. You can easily change or add onto a steel building, eliminating the need to move to a new site. This can save a lot of money–and stress–by letting you use the space and structure you already have.

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