How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30×60 Metal Building?

Whether you are looking to build a new storage building on your property or a personal workspace for your side business, a 30×60 metal building kit is the way to go. Metal building kits come pre-fabricated, which means you will save money on labor costs. Additionally, when you choose a metal building over wood, you can rest assured that your structure will be more durable and longer lasting.

As a leader in the metal building industry, Titan Steel Structures is here to help you through the entire process of designing and erecting your new 30×60 building. Each one of our pre-engineered steel building kits is customized to adhere to your state and local building codes. No matter what your needs are, we can help you design a building that meets them..

If you are wondering how much it costs to build a 30×60 metal building, there are several factors you must consider.

How Much Does a 30×60 Metal Building Cost?

The price of a metal building varies quite a bit depending on several factors, including where you intend to build it, local building codes, current market costs of metal, and any specific design features you are interested in.

However, metal typically costs somewhere between $25 to $30 per square foot for basic, non-complex designs. This means that a 30×60 metal building without any additional customizations will cost you about $45,000 to $54,000.

When you are estimating the cost of a 30×60 metal building kit, you have to consider some other factors associated with construction. These factors include:

  • Concrete foundation costs
  • The cost of labor
  • How quickly you want the job completed
  • Rental fees for equipment

While the cost of a 30×60 metal building kit may seem high, there are plenty of reasons to choose this material over wood. Metal is highly durable, saves you money on insurance, and is way easier to insulate, cutting down your energy bills over time. Because of these benefits, metal is actually cheaper in the long run than more traditional types of building materials.

How Can You Use a 30×60 Metal Building Kit?

There are endless ways to use a 30×60 metal building kit. While this dimension sounds small, it actually provides you with 1,800 square feet of space. Because metal buildings do not require large interior support beams, the space you get will be unobstructed, and you can use the interior exactly how you like.

Some of the most popular uses for a 30×60 metal building kit include:

  • Personal storage
  • Vehicle or RV storage
  • Workshops or small warehouses
  • Storage for motorcycles, four-wheelers, or jet skis
  • Office or retail space
  • Dry cleaners
  • Pharmacies
  • Veterinary or small doctor’s offices
  • Bitcoin and data mining centers
  • Farm equipment storage
  • Hay or crop storage
  • Horse barns or dog kennels
  • Grow houses

Whether you are creating a new building for your property, commercial business, or agricultural company, a 30×60 metal building kit is the perfect choice.

Are 30×60 Metal Building Kits Worth the Price?

If you are looking to maximize your space and retain the value of your new structure, a pre-engineered metal building kit is the best option. If you are wondering whether a 30×60 metal building is worth the price, being aware of some of the benefits can help make your decision easier.

The main benefits of a 30×60 metal building include:


Metal is an incredibly durable material in a variety of different ways. First, this material can withstand even the most severe weather. Whether you live in a place that experiences wildfires, tornadoes, or hurricanes, you can trust your building to remain standing tall.

Additionally, these buildings are long-lasting, and they retain their value and integrity over time, making them a safe investment for your future. Whether you are using a metal building kit for your personal property or your business, you can rest assured that you are making the best choice.

Low Maintenance

Because of how durable metal building kits are, they are also low maintenance. When you choose metal, you will never have to worry about water damage, mold, mildew, or pests like termites. The framework also won’t rot or warp over time.

Cheaper Insurance

Insurance companies base their prices on how likely a building is to sustain damage. This is important to be aware of, especially if you live in an area that experiences severe weather or has rising insurance costs. Thankfully, choosing a metal building will prevent your insurance costs from skyrocketing, as these companies know how durable metal is.

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If you are just getting started in your business, experiencing a broadening of your company, or beginning a new hobby at your home, you might need a new building. While wood has been the traditional building material for decades, metal is beginning to prove itself as the optimal choice. Because metal is highly durable, cost-effective, and low maintenance, many people are choosing to use pre-engineered metal building kits for their new projects.

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