7 Benefits of Using a Covered Metal Building for Your Outdoor Riding Arena

Prefab metal buildings are one of the most popular options for equestrian riding arenas. When it comes to metal riding arenas, you have two options: a totally enclosed space or an outdoor covered structure. Both types of arenas can serve the same purpose, but covered outdoor metal riding arenas have some unique advantages that attract many equestrian handlers and professionals.

Here are 7 benefits of using a covered metal building for your outdoor riding arena:

1. Easy and Cheap to Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of covered metal riding arenas is that they are easy and cheap to maintain. Nearly every part of your building can be repaired, painted, or patched without requiring you to replace large sections of it at once. Plus, metal is far more durable and reliable than wood, so it will be a while before you need repairs in the first place.

Metal riding arenas are also resistant to mold, rust, most types of pests, fires, and more, making them the ideal choice for most people.

2. More Affordable than Enclosed Riding Arenas

A major benefit of covered metal riding arenas is that they are more affordable than fully enclosed riding arenas. Although metal buildings are generally priced per square foot, adding walls can increase the price of the overall structure due to paint choice, materials, erection time, windows, doors, and more. If you’re looking for an affordable prefab riding arena, choosing a covered metal building is your best option.

3. Fresh Air and Natural Light

Enclosed metal buildings, even with windows, often require some form of interior lighting. Artificial lighting does the job, but it isn’t the same as bright natural light from the sun. The same goes for fresh air–and who doesn’t like fresh air and natural lighting? Your horses will appreciate the nice breeze on a hot summer day, too.

An enclosed space, especially one that has little air circulation and is used for equestrianism, can get stuffy quickly. They can also be too dark inside. A covered metal riding arena is a great option because it allows plenty of fresh air and natural light inside for you and your horses to enjoy while you ride.

4. Reliable Protection from the Elements

Even though covered riding arenas don’t have walls, they still provide reliable protection from wind, rain, lightning, and more. Metal is one of the most durable building materials on the market so it can withstand inclement weather. Rain or shine, you can ride and perform other equestrian tricks without worry. This type of building will also help keep your horses safe.

5. Fast and Simple Construction

It doesn’t take long to erect a prefab metal building. With a dedicated team like Titan Steel Structures, your building can be constructed in just a few days.

Construction time depends on a variety of factors–one of which is walls. The more walls the building has, the longer it will take to build. But if you choose a covered metal riding arena, your structure will be set up fast and easy. With your metal riding arena up and running in little time, you can maximize your profit potential.

6. Easy Expansion

Whether you own your own riding club or are starting a riding academy, there may come a day when you need to expand your operations. While expansion is possible with an enclosed riding arena, it is much easier with a covered metal arena. All you have to do is order an additional outdoor metal riding arena kit and schedule a date for installation. Then, your riding area can be expanded across your property.

7. Clear-Span Floor Plan and Tall Eave Heights

Finally, another benefit of choosing a covered metal building for a riding arena is its practicality. Outdoor riding arenas need plenty of space for roping, jumping, dressage, and more. Metal riding arenas that are constructed with tapered red iron I-beams are durable enough that interior supports and columns are not necessary, allowing for a wide-open clear-span design that can be constructed at various eave heights. A clear span design plus plenty of vertical clearance provides adequate space for equestrianism.

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