How Long Does it Take to Erect a Metal Building?

Time is one of your greatest assets. If you need a new building for your business, the faster you can get that building ready to go, the sooner you can start bringing in more money.

Brick and wood buildings can take several months to build, insulate, paint, and furnish. The construction required can also cost a lot of money. Prefabricated metal buildings, on the other hand, can be built and erected in a matter of days or weeks depending on the scale of the project.

Construction and erection times for prefab metal buildings are considerably shorter than with other building materials because many of the pieces come pre-engineered. Once the building kit is delivered at the building site, the pre-engineered pieces can be assembled quickly, giving you a functional structure in the blink of an eye.

Metal building kit erection times vary, and depend on a number of factors unique to each building. However, a small team can fully erect a small metal building in just a couple of hours or days, and a medium to large-sized team can erect a large metal building in about one week.

Regardless of the size or design of your metal building, it takes way less time to erect a metal building than it does to construct other building materials.

Variables that Affect How Long it Takes to Erect a Metal Building

Prefabricated metal buildings cut building construction times down significantly because measuring, cutting, and welding are all completed before the materials are delivered to your property. Once delivered, the amount of time it takes to erect your building may vary based on factors like:

Building Size

One of the most important factors impacting construction speed is building size. Larger structures will take longer to complete than buildings that are smaller in size. Sizing factors including length, width, and height can all affect how long it takes to erect the building.

Small buildings spanning only 20 feet can be erected in hours or days, while large buildings spanning up to 200 feet may take a week to complete. For example, a backyard shed may be erected much faster than a commercial storage facility.

Crew Size

The larger the crew, the faster your metal building will be erected. A team of 4-7 can complete work exponentially faster than a team of 1-3. While a larger team may cost more money, they will get the job done quicker, allowing you to start using your metal building right away.

Complexity of Design

Simple structures are erected quickly, but more complex structures or intricate designs can take longer. Highly customized structures will also take more time to erect as there will be more pieces and building materials to deal with. On the other hand, a basic, rectangular-shaped building with a low roof will erect faster.


Unfortunately, not all of the factors that go into how long it takes to erect a metal building are under your control. On days when the skies are clear, construction will go quickly. But if inclement weather in the form of rain, wind, lightning, or snow occurs, the process may have to be delayed until better weather arrives.

Still, the weather isn’t as much of a nuisance when it comes to erecting metal buildings as it is when trying to construct a newly-built wood building.

Worker Experience

The more experience a person has with erecting prefab metal buildings, the faster the erection process will go. Additionally, teams that have worked together several times will be able to complete projects faster because they know how to communicate and work with one another in an efficient way. Brand new teams who have never worked together before may face barriers like communication or poor skills, increasing the erection time.

Erecting Your Metal Building Quickly and Seamlessly

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As a leader in the prefabricated steel building industry, we provide extensive steel building options. Although the designs of our buildings vary, the craftsmanship, quality of steel, and turnaround time remain top-notch.

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