The Best Steel Buildings for Indoor & Outdoor Riding Arenas (2018)

Have You Seen A Steel Building Used for an Outdoor Riding Arena Yet?

Anyone who owns a horse or is involved in the equestrian recreation understands just how important that animal is to the individuals involved. For many, these horses become like a part of the family and as such their housing, outdoor riding arenas and training facilities must meet the highest of standards and offer the ultimate in protection and structural integrity.

This much is a given, not only so that you can protect your investment in the animals, but also so that you can provide them with the level of safety and care that you would afford to anything that you hold near and dear. Going along with this, you want your outdoor riding arenas training grounds to be not only aesthetically pleasing but functional, considering that you will probably be spending a fair amount of time at the steel frame facility. You do not want one of your steel frame equestrian buildings to simply look like a warehouse but you want something that blends in with the surrounding environment and adds to the appeal of the land.

At Titan Steel Structures we understand all of this, and that is why we offer world-class steel frame equestrian building solutions, that can suit your every need. Whether you need a outdoor riding arena for competition or for personal use Titan Steel Structures can provide you with fully customizable steel frame equestrian buildings for any location, climate, design, or desire.

Benefits of Steel Framed Equestrian Buildings

Many people believe that getting prefabricated steel equestrian buildings mean that they will have to compromise on quality or they will have to compromise on their ability to get the structure that they desire. This however could not be further from the truth, as all of our prefab steel equestrian buildings are constructed with the highest of standards in mind and they are all fully customizable to meet your every need.

riding arenas made of prefabricated steel

For instance, if you live in an area of the country where you are able to have an open air outdoor riding arena and this is what you think would best suit your needs then we can provide you with this. However, if you live in an area of the country where an open air building is not feasible, either because of weather, indigenous animals or insects, then we can help provide you with fully enclosed steel equestrian buildings that will offer you all of the amenities and comfort you are looking for.

Beyond the customizable aspect, some of the other benefits of a choosing a prefabricated steel indoor/outdoor riding arena:

  • No cost overages
  • Exact delivery dates
  • Ability to have a constructed or natural floor
  • Ease of expandability
  • Quality control due to the building process
  • Flexibility of design and customization
  • Ability to get permits and zoning quicker

There are several benefits to outdoor and enclosed riding arenas.

Probably on the largest benefits of Titan Steel Structures’ steel indoor riding arenas is that you will not experience any of the cost overages that can usually come with building a structure of this size and magnitude, nor will you experience any delays in building, due to weather or any of the other problems that can arise during the construction phase of a building.

The reason for this is because our structures are built offsite and then delivered to you ready for assembly. Before you agree to a design and before we start the production of your equestrian building, you will be completely aware of any and all costs involved and you will be aware of the timeline for the completion of the project.  Essentially the guessing work and any variables that may come about are mitigated and you are left with a streamlined and predictable building experience.

Due to the fact that our buildings are prefabricated your ability to expand them is tremendously easier then if you went with traditional building solutions. We know how important this can be, especially if your indoor riding arena is used for business purposes, as the ability to expand quickly is the cornerstone of any viable business.

Having to wait months upon months in order to have your physical structure meets the demands of your growing business can cause unnecessary stress and loss of monetary opportunities, but with Titan Steel Structures you can rest assured that when expansion becomes necessary, we will be there to meet your needs and help you to design the steel indoor or outdoor riding arena that you have always dreamed about.

Interested in Steel Equestrian Buildings?

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