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6 Reasons to Choose a Steel Barndominium Building Kit

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular due to a seriously tough housing market. As young adults try to find a house to buy for the first time, they are noticing that traditional houses have become extremely expensive. Tiny homes are easier to construct and smaller overall, making them more affordable...

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How Much Does a 30×50 Steel Building Cost?

Steel buildings are steadily gaining popularity–for a good reason. Steel is a durable building material that allows you to quickly construct a structure that will last for decades to come and the flexibility to customize your build to meet your exact specifications. Because steel is such a high-quality building material,...

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Why Red Iron Steel Buildings are a Better Option than Tubular Steel

Red Iron Steel Buildings vs Tubular Steel: A Comparison Tubular steel buildings and red iron steel buildings have many similarities, but they are two very different structures with their own unique benefits. Properties such as size, codes, and building materials can vary greatly between these two steel building types. When...

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What is a Red Iron Building?

Prefabricated red iron building kits started becoming popular in the 1950s, but they are still widely used today. They are the ideal choice when you are looking to construct a large commercial facility that requires wide-open storage space. Red iron buildings can be used for a wide variety of purposes,...

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How Much Does a 50×100 Steel Building Cost?

Upfront costs are an essential factor to consider for any project or investment--whether it is big or small. When you start considering your budget for your steel building kit, the best place to start is by looking at the square feet required for your operation. The overall cost of your...

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