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What is a Red Iron Building?

Prefabricated red iron building kits started becoming popular in the 1950s, but they are still widely used today. They are the ideal choice when you are looking to construct a large commercial facility that requires wide-open storage space. Red iron buildings can be used for a wide variety of purposes,...

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How Much Does a 50×100 Steel Building Cost?

Upfront costs are an essential factor to consider for any project or investment--whether it is big or small. When you start considering your budget for your steel building kit, the best place to start is by looking at the square feet required for your operation. The overall cost of your...

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How to Decide What Size Metal Building You Need

Determining What Size Metal Building You Need Smart business owners choose metal buildings for their commercial and agricultural endeavors for several reasons including durability, quick construction, low maintenance, and reduced insurance costs. Steel buildings are faster to design than brick or wood buildings, and in many cases, they can even...

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5 Benefits of Using a Prefab Metal Building for Your Bitcoin Data Mining Center

When Bitcoin arrived on the market, this revolutionary cryptocurrency got people’s attention. While some were excited by the possibilities Bitcoin offered, many dismissed it as a flash in the pan that would never amount to much. But Bitcoin has stood the test of time. After a series of highs and...

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The Past and Present of Barns as We Know It

Barns have been associated with the American way of life ever since the days of Thomas Jefferson. They have continued to be the primary structure for many centuries in farms across the world. However, in the United States, they have continued to represent security, tradition, and a relationship with the...

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