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Are You Safe Inside a Metal Building During a Lightning Storm?

Steel buildings are a versatile, durable option for many industrial, commercial, and personal projects. Whether you need storage for vehicles, a manufacturing facility, or a cozy, modern home, a steel building can meet your needs–and exceed your expectations. More people are turning to steel buildings now than ever before. As...

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5 Uses for a Lean-To on Your Metal Building

Metal buildings can provide a lot of usable space for a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial uses. But what if you need more room? If you find that the space inside your metal building suddenly feels too small for your needs, you may have wondered just how easy it...

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Is a Steel Commercial Building a Smart Investment?

For many years, there were very few choices when it came to construction materials–primarily wood and concrete. Buildings were limited in size and scope because of these limitations. Now, many buildings include metal elements that increase their longevity and strength, and people are turning to steel buildings to meet a...

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Can a Red Iron Building Withstand Earthquakes?

At Titan Steel Structures, we provide our clients with cost-effective, durable, and highly customizable steel buildings. Whether you are creating a new residential, commercial, or agricultural structure, our red iron buildings are the best choice when it comes to longevity. If you live in the western region of the country,...

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How Easy is it to Expand a Metal Building?

Is it Easy to Expand a Metal Building? Metal buildings provide an ideal balance between functionality and affordability. You’ll save money and time on maintenance and avoid many of the problems associated with wood, concrete, and other traditional types of construction. But when it comes to expanding an existing metal...

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