5 Uses for a Lean-To on Your Metal Building

Metal buildings can provide a lot of usable space for a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial uses. But what if you need more room?

If you find that the space inside your metal building suddenly feels too small for your needs, you may have wondered just how easy it would be to add to it. The thought of an addition may seem overwhelming. After all, building an addition is usually time-consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, there is an easy, cost-effective solution for adding extra usable space to a metal building. Adding a lean-to is a smart way to create more space in a pre-existing metal building. Building a lean-to is an excellent solution whether you want to add just a little extra square footage or you need to add more substantial space.

This article will provide a quick overview of some of the most popular uses for a lean-to on a metal building. Contact the experts at Titan Steel Structures to explore our selection of pre-engineered metal building kits or to get a customized quote on your project.

What is a Lean-To?

Many people who spend time in the great outdoors hunting or camping may have an idea of what a lean-to is. A lean-to is a simple structure that utilizes a fixed structure or object for support to create a shelter or building. In the wilderness, people might quickly construct a lean-to out of some sort of support and a tarp to create an emergency shelter.

As you might imagine, a metal lean-to is much more durable and sturdy than something you’d throw together to survive a night outdoors. A metal lean-to is attached to the wall of an existing metal building and utilizes the same sturdy components as the original structure.

A metal lean-to can be used for various purposes and can be open or enclosed to meet different needs. A lean-to is an ideal way to add usable space, create a new shelter, or expand the functionality of an existing metal building.

5 Uses for a Lean-To on a Metal Building

Adding a lean-to onto an existing building can give you the space you need for various projects and needs without the cost and hassle of building an addition. Here are five of the most popular uses for a lean-to on a metal building.

Vehicle storage

Whether you need to store cars, boats, motorcycles, or even an RV, a lean-to is an ideal solution. Adding a lean-to on a metal building lets you have more usable space for vehicle storage without having to build a separate building on your property. A lean-to uses the same durable metal components as a metal building, meaning your vehicles will be protected from heavy wind, moisture, extreme temperatures, and fire.

Residential storage

If you’ve run out of space for those home and garden essentials, you might consider adding a lean-to to your residential storage building. An enclosed lean-to storage unit provides ample space for lawnmowers, gardening tools, patio furniture, bicycles, and more while keeping it out of view. It will keep your items safe, secure, and protected from the weather.

Outdoor patio

If you dream of a beautiful, functional outdoor space, an open-sided lean-to may be your ideal solution. A lean-to can provide shade for an outdoor table or patio furniture or create the perfect environment for shade-loving plants. You’ll be able to spend more time outdoors protected from the sun and rain without the cost or time needed to build a deck or sunroom.

Personal gym

Many people want to improve their fitness, but getting to the gym can be a challenge. If you’re looking for a solution to the “I don’t want to drive all the way to the gym” excuse, an enclosed lean-to can give you ample room to create a home gym.

A lean-to is an affordable way to add more usable square footage to your home or other structure. As your needs change, the clear-span interior will allow you to use it for other purposes in the future.

Home office

As more and more people shift out of the office and into remote work, the demand for home offices has grown. Instead of sacrificing a bedroom of your home, building an addition, or shopping for a home with more space, consider adding a lean-to to an existing structure.

A lean-to can provide durable, usable space for an office. You’ll have enough room for your desk or equipment and ample storage. The lean-to can be customized to meet your needs, giving you a cost-effective home office solution.

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