Why Tornado Alley Chooses Steel Buildings Over Others?

In May of 2013, a tornado hit Marysville, Kansas destroying all but the four metal buildings that property owner Dan had on this property. The tornado left only the metal buildings standing and because of that very reason today almost every building in Marysville also now called Tornado Alley is made from metal. In this article, we discuss why Dan and others decided to replace all their regular buildings, which were destroyed by the tornado with steel buildings.

A Large and Slow Tornado Struck Kansas 

Back in spring 2013 a large tornadic event resulted in high-speed winds and a number of tornadoes across the Great Plans. It was during this storm that an EF2 tornado with winds of up to 135mph ran through Dan’s property. A tornado this size and with the intensity that it has built up from the adjoining storm could run through anything, and it flattened the property except for a few buildings left standing.

Once the storm cleared, it was apparent that just four buildings were left standing. One was his two pole barns, and the other was the Quonset, both of which were destroyed. Though the single steel building on this property survived without a scratch. If anything it worked as proof for Dan that steel buildings, especially ones which are of high quality, are impervious to even the most violent weather.

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Rebuilding Lost Buildings 

The next logical step for Dan was to unfortunately, build back all the possessions he lost during the storm. He lost so many of his personal belongings when the three buildings collapsed, but the only thing he could do was replace the buildings with new ones. That’s why he decided after losing so much of his stuff that instead of a regular building, he would build a steel one. After all, that way, he wouldn’t have to spend as much money on building materials, and the structure would last through something like what just happened. 

Since the storm, Dan has continued to recommend that friends and family invest in prefabricated steel buildings. His story is proof of the fact that steel buildings aren’t just cheaper to build, but they are weatherproof too. Regardless of the weather, they are durable enough to withstand it, which makes it a win-win situation all around.


If you live in a location known for violent storms and similar events, it would be a good idea to upgrade all buildings to pre-fabricated steel. Doing so will not cost you a lot of money but will save you from a lot of stress and even from financial disaster in the event something like that does happen. Plus, you’ll be paying a lot less in the way of insurance premiums, savings that are always welcome. The best time to upgrade to steel buildings is right now as waiting for disaster to strike will end up costing you a lot more than you may imagine.

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