Steel Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

Most people may look around and see that there is a growing trend towards steel warehouses and the building of manufacturing facilities. Steel structures offer an array of benefits over traditional building methods, one of which is cost-effectiveness yet durable. Plus, steel is the simplest building solution for buildings that need a large covered area or open space.

According to latest estimates, steel building materials now make up 75% percent of new commercial buildings coming up across North America. That’s an impressive 95% of the total number of industrial buildings.

Keeps Warehouse Construction Cost Down

Keeping costs down without compromising durability and structural integrity is one of the biggest reasons why many if not most warehouses are made from steel. However, you get durability and easy construction at a comparatively cheap price point. Now setting up a steel structure is cost-effective for two primary reasons. The first being that the building process is faster, and the second being that the structure does not require as much maintenance.

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Submitting Warehouse Plans

Once you submit your warehouse plans to the metal building supplier, the building is pre-engineered and fabricated to perfection. The resulting structure can then be easily and cheaply assembled within a matter of weeks from start to finish.

Over the course of several years, the 100×100 steel building cost is cheaper compared to wood or concrete. Metal like steel does not require as much maintenance, and so building owners can save a great deal of money on things like replacements, repairs, and other routine maintenance tasks. Plus, it is pest proof, fireproof, and steel does not rot, all of which translates to tremendous savings.

Assembling the steel warehouse or manufacturing facility is also easier since all parts come prefabricated. So, you can reduce construction times by as much as 50% and even more in some cases, depending on how experienced the crew is at putting everything together. The quick building process means that you save money on labor.

Wide Open Area

Prefabricated steel buildings do not have any structural obstructions so you get a much larger square footage, meaning that you have a lot more space which can be monetized. Metal buildings have the largest expanses making it perfect for manufacturing.

The so-called wide open space or clear span design can be extended for slightly over a hundred feet without the need of using load bearing poles. The warehouse can even span for as much as 300 feet. All of this translates to an industrialized size structure where machinery and equipment, can comfortably be housed and moved safely. The clear span is one reason why steel buildings are used as airplane hangers.

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The key to ensuring that you make the most of your steel metal structure is to work with an experienced and qualified warehouse supplier and seasoned metal contractor. Having a solidly built building that’s custom tailored to your needs ensures that it is maximized in every possible way both now and in the future.

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