Where Can I Buy a Steel Building for Lexington, KY?

Whether you’re a long-time Lexington resident or are making the Bluegrass State your new home, it’s important to have a building contractor that you can trust. Titan Steel Structures is a leading provider of steel buildings in Lexington and across Kentucky. Our prefab building kits are affordable, versatile, and durable, giving them the ability to accommodate virtually any commercial, residential, or agricultural need.

Withstanding Severe Lexington Weather

Steel buildings are popular in Lexington for a number of reasons, but one is because of their durability against inclement weather.

As Tornado Alley has started shifting East and the toll of climate change becomes increasingly evident across the South, Lexington residents are seeing an increase in severe weather and tornadic activity. In fact, Kentucky has seen one of the largest increases in the frequency of tornadoes since 1979. As a result, residents and businesses alike need reliable buildings that can withstand these severe weather threats.

Tornados can range from EF-0s with 65-85 mph winds to EF-5s with over 200 mph winds. However, EF4 and EF5 tornadoes are extremely rare, accounting for only 1% and 0.1% of tornados, respectively. 80% of tornadoes are rated EF0 or EF1 and more than 95% are below EF3 intensity (136-165mph).

The prefab metal buildings for sale by Titan Steel Structures can be manufactured to withstand wind speeds in excess of 180 MPH, so they’re able to withstand the force of the majority of tornadoes, ensuring your building stands tall and your assets stay protected.

Our metal buildings are resistant to numerous other types of weather threats, including:

  • Wind – Our metal buildings are engineered to withstand high wind speeds, exceeding 180 MPH, making them highly resistant to the powerful gusts often associated with severe storms and tornadoes in Lexington.
  • Rain – With precision engineering and durable materials, our steel structures are designed to effectively repel rainwater, preventing leaks and water damage even during heavy downpours common in Lexington’s climate.
  • Flooding – Our metal buildings are resilient against flooding and do not absorb water or rot when exposed to it, minimizing the risk of water infiltration and structural damage in areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Lightening – The conductive properties of steel make our buildings inherently safer during lightning storms, as the metal framework provides a low-resistance path for electrical currents, reducing the risk of lightning-related damage or fires.
  • Snow – Our steel buildings are designed to withstand the weight of snow accumulation, ensuring structural integrity even in the rare instances of snow events in Lexington.

How Much Do Metal Buildings Cost in Lexington?

Metal building prices can fluctuate based on the market price of the raw materials. However, in terms of both upfront costs and long-term affordability, metal buildings are a superior choice. Long-lasting and with minimal required maintenance, you can keep your building in top condition at a low price.

Metal buildings are priced per square foot. To estimate the cost of your building, the first thing you will need to know is your dimensions. At Titan Steel Structures, we offer a wide range of building dimensions as well as custom sizes, with our most popular being:

  • 30×50
  • 30×60
  • 40×50
  • 40×60
  • 40×80
  • 40×100
  • 50×60
  • 50×100
  • 60×60
  • 60×100
  • 80×80
  • 80×100
  • 10×200

In addition to size, other factors that can affect the cost of your Lexington metal building include terrain, customizations and design features, building codes, and accessories. Once you know your dimensions and have an idea of your building requirements, you can get an accurate estimate by contacting our Titan Steel Structures team today.

Choosing Titan Steel Structures for a Steel Building in Lexington

Titan Steel Structures is proud to offer premium metal buildings in Lexington.

  • Strong, Durable, and Versatile Building Kits – No matter what you need to use your building for, our Lexington metal buildings can be adapted to serve your needs. Metal buildings work just as well as storage facilities as they do agricultural buildings. Not only that, but they can easily withstand the wind, rain, and show loads in this particular region.
  • Customizable – One reason our building kits stand out is because of their vast customizability. You’re able to design and customize every aspect of your structure from the inside out. You’ll have options for colors, windows and doors, HVAC systems, paneling, roofing systems, and more.
  • Lexington’s Trusted Metal Building Experts – No matter the type of building, our craftsmanship and quality remain top-notch.
  • Superior Customer Service – We take great pride in our customer satisfaction and our experienced staff. We’ve accomplished extraordinary success and have blossomed because of our unwavering commitment to putting our customers first and foremost.
  • 3D Building Designer – See your building before you order by using our 3D Building Designer. Using a web browser, input your building dimensions, colors, walls, roof options, and more for a three-dimensional view of what your building will look like.

Get Started With Lexington’s Trusted Steel Building Provider

At Titan Steel Structures, we have prefab steel buildings for each and every need, whether it be commercial, residential, or agricultural. From riding arenas and metal barns to workshops and warehouses, our buildings can be customized to meet your needs and specifications. All of our Kentucky steel buildings come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a licensed Kentucky engineer. Get started with a custom quick quote or speak with one of our experienced building experts today!

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