5 Reasons to Choose a Steel Building for a Church or Religious Structure

Religion is deeply important to many people across the world. Because large numbers of people have spiritual and religious beliefs, they must have places to congregate and share their beliefs, customs, and ideas. While it is common to use wooden buildings to build churches or other religious structures, this type of material often comes with some drawbacks.

Wood is prone to a variety of problems, from rot to mold and even insect infestations. When you own a church or another form of religious structure, you want it to be able to withstand the weather and natural elements so your community can continue to come together and practice  your beliefs in a consistent and reliable space. It may be in your best interest to choose steel for the material of your religious building.

Five reasons why you should choose a steel building for a church or religious structure include:

1. Steel is Fire-Resistant

Many religions use candles in their rituals, practices, and celebrations. For example, many Catholic churches light candles when they pray to god or a saint. Buddhists also use candles in age-old traditions during ceremonies.

Whether you will be using candles or not, it is important to have a religious building that is not prone to fire. Steel buildings are perfect for this reason, as they are more fire-resistant than wood. While wood framing is highly combustible and provides extra fuel for a structural fire, steel does not ignite or feed flames, preventing a fire from spreading.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Steel buildings are more cost-effective than other choices of material, like wood or concrete. However, the main characteristic that makes steel buildings cost-effective is their ability to withstand the weather. Steel is strong enough to persevere in the face of earthquakes, heavy snow, and hurricanes so there is less of a chance that you will need to replace your building due to weather emergencies.

Another way that steel buildings save you money is their energy efficiency. It is much easier to effectively insulate the roof and walls of a steel building, keeping hot or cold air inside. This prevents you from having to use a lot of energy to keep your building at your desired temperature, reducing your energy bill and saving you tons of money in the long run.

3. Design Flexibility

Churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples tend to have some pretty unique and beautiful architecture. Many religious buildings have elaborate walls and gateways, creating an aesthetically pleasing look to your building of worship. If you were to use wood as the material for your church or religious structure, you may be limited in your design choices.

Steel provides designers with a high level of flexibility and strength, allowing them to create unique curves for the structural designs of buildings. Because of this, choosing a steel building for a religious structure can allow you to make your house of worship unique while maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

4. Quick Assembly

Compared to other materials, steel buildings can be erected rather quickly. Oftentimes, steel buildings are prefabricated, meaning they are put together before they are even brought to your worksite. Rather than waiting for your contractors to build your church for months, your religious structure could be open to the public within a matter of weeks.

A quick assembly also means that you will save money. Instead of having to employ dozens of workers to build your structure over a few months, you can hire a small team of contractors who will finish the job in just a few weeks. When it takes less time to build something, that means less money will come out of your pockets, allowing you to have more financial room to work on the interior design of your religious building.

5. Durability

Steel is an extremely durable material. While people with wooden buildings may need to worry about fires, earthquakes, mold, or rot, having a steel building will prevent you from having to think about these common structural issues.

This is extremely beneficial if you live in an area that is prone to natural weather disasters. For example, if you live in the mid-western area of the United States, you know that tornadoes are a common occurrence. The wind caused by tornadoes can rip through wooden buildings, or cause flying projectiles that are a major source of concern for your building’s integrity.

The strength of steel can protect you from having to fret about weather occurrences like tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or hurricanes.

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