40x85x12 Steel Airplane Hangar in Florida

40x85x12 Steel Airplane Hangar in Florida

Florida’s vibrant aviation community requires reliable and secure storage facilities for airplanes, and a steel airplane hangar offers the perfect solution. Designed to comply with the Florida Building Code (FBC) 2017, we crafted a 40x85x12 steel airplane hangar that provides our customer with a durable and spacious environment for safely housing their aircraft. With its Ash Gray walls and Arctic White trim, this hangar combines functionality and aesthetics in a sleek, modern design.

Steel Airplane Hangars in Florida

Steel buildings make excellent airplane hangars due to their durability, versatility, and clear-span design. The dimensions of this airplane hangar are 40x85x12, providing our customer with ample space for storing and maintaining aircraft. The large interior area allows for maneuverability, storage of equipment, and ease of aircraft maintenance, and the clear-span design ensures that there are no interior columns or trusses, maximizing the usable space and facilitating efficient movement within the hangar.

The sturdy steel construction of this steel airplane hangar in Florida provides excellent durability and long-lasting protection for valuable aircraft assets. It can even protect aircraft from threats like pests, heat, and hurricanes.

Manufactured According to State and Local Building Codes in Florida

This 40x85x12 airplane hangar is specifically designed for the unique climate and building regulations of Florida. It complies with the Florida Building Code (FBC) 2017, ensuring that it meets the required safety standards. The hangar is engineered to withstand wind speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, making it well-equipped to handle the strong winds often experienced in Florida during tropical weather.

All our pre-engineered steel buildings in Florida come with stamped and sealed engineered blueprints from a licensed engineer in Florida.

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